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Sun Transit in Capricorn (Makar Sankranti)


Sun is the powerhouse of the solar system. In astrology, Sun signifies power, authority, and position. Sun has always been worshipped as a God in earlier civilizations also. The sun holds a lot of importance in astrology. What is Sun Transit in Capricorn?

According to Vedic Astrology Sun is the Atma, or soul of every human being. All planets revolve around it. The Earth and everything in it derive energy from the Sun. In this blog, we will talk about Sun Transit in Capricorn

Sun transit is a very important occurrence in astrology and it impacts all 12 signs. The sun spends a month in each zodiac before transiting to another zodiac. It takes a year to complete all the 12 zodiac signs. Sun transits are important because in this phase it illuminates issues and problems related to your natal planet. Sun transits have a different impact on different houses.

Makar Sankranti


The transition of the sun in Capricorn is known as Makar Sankranti. This time is favourable for the growth of certain people. If you are looking to settle in foreign lands or looking for certain people to be in your favour, then this will be your time. Sun governs almost in your life. Capricorn signifies discipline, law, and orders the position you hold.

The result of Sun transit in Capricorn on different houses


First House – This is a time of mental disturbance for you. You will face health issues during this time. There will be a career issue, as a result, financial instability will occur.

Second House – Monitor your wealth closely as during this time you might lose money. Be careful of the words coming out of your mouth. Your behavior can lead to a rift between you and your friends and family.

Third House – For natives, this is the time for all good things. You will be doing well on the work front. Your friends and family will bond with you well.

Fourth House – There will be pressure in work which will make you anxious. You will have a rough time dealing with this and that may lead to quarrels with families and friends.

Fifth House – When the sun moves into the fifth house, there will be tension and worries. There will be stress and tension.

Sixth House – The sun moving into the sixth house will bring good news. The sun’s position will bring you peace and happiness. You will also be successful at every work you will undertake.

Seventh House – The sun’s position in the seventh house will make you a little laidback. You will feel low and do everything forcefully. This may lead to issues in your married life or with your partner.

Eight House – Your life would be unstable. There might also be arrests or legal disputes arising. Your relationship with others will be going through testing times as well.

Ninth House – The stars will not be in your favour when the sun is in the 9th house. Legal or political issues will also arise.

Tenth House – This is an auspicious time when the sun is in the tenth house. You don’t have to put much effort, yet things will come naturally to you. You will also receive wealth and honour from reputed places.

Eleventh House – Business, your career will definitely improve when the Sun ascends to the Eleventh house. The position will bring you joy and happiness.

Twelfth House – This is considered to be an inauspicious time for you. Your reputation at work will go down. Avoid arguments with your close ones. You will experience sleeplessness.

However, you should remember that the outcomes mentioned here might be different for you. It depends on your birth chart and the position of the planets. This was an

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