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Marriage is an integral part of our lives and we all desire a partner in this journey called life! Therefore it becomes very important that we choose our partner very carefully. One must be with someone whom one loves, but it is also important the we lead our lives peacefully and happily.

There is good news. The art and science of astrology can help us determine compatible life partners. It requires a very precise methodology to match horoscopes. If it were so easy, millions would have coded it into a program online and given you free results. Our team of expert and experienced astrologers at look at birth charts and analyse the same for compatibility.

The first thing we want to check is the promise of marriage. If marriage is not promised in a birth chart, then there is absolutely no point in predicting when will one get married.

However, in case there is promise of marriage in the birth chart, then the primary houses for marriage are houses 2,7 and 11. The 2nd house represents family. House 7 represents partnership. House 11 represents fulfilment of desires and success. In any birth chart, these houses + lagna are to be studied in depth and great detail to find out about one’s married life. Whether you use Jaimini System, KP, or Parashari, if studied well, all systems should give the same results.

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