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How important is our health?
Health is the reason for our being. A healthy life brings in laughter, joy and peace in our lives. We do not have to constantly worry about our health and can face new adventures in life. There are no restrictions on our performance. Having sound health is a blessing and must be valued by all.

How does medical complication affect your health?
There are many people out there facing medical complications both mild and severe, combating against them to live. Here people actually fight to live. Medical complications like lung diseases, heart diseases, asthma, cancer, and various other medical conditions complicate our lives.

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The constant vigilance to have medicines, routine check-ups, sudden problems drains our desire to live. The additional money put into our health also keeps on increasing and increasing. The patients start feeling to be a burden on their families. The constant indulgence of chemical-ridden capsules and tablets start depleting your immune system furthermore deteriorating your health. Patients get addicted to the medication and cannot do without it in times of crisis.

Is physical health is the only definition of being healthy?
No, as much as our physical health is important, so is our mental health. Nowadays, mental illness and mental health are been discussed and spoken about more openly than it was used to. Earlier, people did not consider any of the mental health complications like depression or anxiety as a problem. Going to see a psychiatrist is still taken place behind the doors and not discussed or spread across. People feel ashamed of having to go to a therapist to be healthy.

But things have changed and so has the mindset of people. People are more vocal about their mental illness and speak and create awareness about it confidently. We are the ones to talk the most to ourselves. We sent the maximum time with ourselves. Our thoughts, opinions, ideas, interpretations require to be heard. And when I say heard, I mean hearing it attentively.

To be mentally sound, not overthinking or facing depression is very important for an individual as it is to be physically healthy. One cannot measure the superiority of either of the health. Both of them are equally healthy and important to treat.

Health and astrology
It may sound weird but who says the truth is ordinary. Our birth chart is truly a blueprint of our life. The positioning and alignment of the sun, moon and other planets can literally determine every scratch of our being. As we know, there are 12 houses in the birth chart each representing a particular combination of heavenly bodies.

There are houses in our birth chart which reflect upon our health conditions, their severity, the reason behind their occurrence and maybe also provide us with their solutions. Nothing can be hidden from our fate whereas our fate can hide and have been hiding from us in abundance.

Karyesh is an astrological platform which deals with the predictions and forecasting of the future of our clients.

Why Karyesh?

It is been more than a decade for our team to solve and satisfy the problems of many of our clients. Karyesh was born out of the vision and dedication of Mr Kushal Agarwal. It was under his guidance that we could survive for more than 10 years in such a competitive environment. We have a group of more than 10 learned astrologers. All of whom, have been students to eminent gurus and professors gaining proficiency in different disciplines of astrology. We proudly claim ourselves to be the best astrological platform in Kolkata because:

  • We maintain complete privacy
  • We predict accurate problems
  • We provide easy and realistic solutions
  • We explain the root cause of the problem, to our clients. Good explanation leads to better understanding.
  • We are affordable
  • We do not give out results immediately. We take ample amount of time to study the chart thoroughly, saving ourselves from making any mistake.
  • We answer all your questions related to your health or anyone in you know!

Some of which are:

  • Is my physical health alright?
  • Is my break-up the reason for my depression?
  • Will my parents have a healthy life?
  • Will my children be prone to any health disease?
  • How to solve health-related complications?