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Full Birth Chart Analysis

Package Price: ₹1000

A birth chart, also known by the names astrology birth chart or natal birth chart is a blueprint of a human’s characteristics and personality. Basically, a birth chart is a snapshot of the universe taken when we took our first breath. This is the reason we often hear about the influence of heavenly bodies like planets, sun, moon, etc. in our lives.


Often in fiction television shows, we see that either the bride or the groom are termed as ‘Manglik’ which as we understand is unfortunate. But what does the term mean? Is it just the medium to gain TRPs? No, a person who has been born under the influence of planet Mars has mangal-dosh. Hence, termed as a Manglik.

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It is so absurd, a planet thousands of kilometers far from us has such a powerful influence in our lives. We perform so many pujas and havan to get rid of any kind of dosh in order to lead a healthy life. Sometimes, our prayers are answered whereas sometimes it is not.

Astrologers are a one-way solution to know about our birth chart and get accurate solutions. Astrology, as we all know, is a scientific subject studying the alignments of cosmic bodies since our first breath. There are 12 houses in our birth chart where each planet resides. The astrologers predict our problems and provide solutions to our problems by analyzing the houses.

Houses have a very deep meaning in astrology. While some house influences our physical appearance, some influence our financial status and so on and so forth. The only essentials to get a birth chart prepared are the date of birth, time of birth and place of birth. Time of birth holds immense importance as that is when the first snapshot was taken.

Why Karyesh?

Karyesh emerged as a vision of Mr. Kushal Agarwal. We are a team of more than 10 members with skilled and experienced astrologers. Our astrologers have been students of learned gurus and teacher and have gained proficiency in various disciplines of astrology. Full Birth Chart Analysis is one of the premium packages offered by Karyesh.

  • We understand the insecurity of our clients and maintain complete privacy.
  • We take an ample amount of time from our clients to undergo a thorough review of birth charts.
  • After conducting complete astrological calculations we consult with our clients.
  • We predict accurate problems and faults in our client’s life.
  • We provide realistic solutions to our clients.
  • We answer unlimited questions from our clients.
  • We offer easy and inexpensive remedies

These were some of the many positive qualities Karyesh reflects. Karyesh never dissatisfies any of its clients. It’s a one-stop destination to solve all your astrological problems.