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Children are truly a blessing from the All-Mighty where only mothers can bear and rear the child. Mothers have the strength and potential to withstand all the pain for 9 long months and give birth to a baby.

A child is considered to be a symbol of joy and happiness in their parents and families life. After marriage, every couple desires to have their baby

  • Who will carry forward their family name?
  • Give them a new identity
  • And complete their family

According to Hindu Mythology, babies are associated to be gods. Little girls are worshipped as Goddess Durga during the Navratri festival whereas young boys are worshipped as Lord Krishna and Lord Ganesha. Births of little girls are also associated with the entrance of Devi Lakshmi in the house.

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Children are desired and wanted by all but it’s not always possible. There are certain complications that affect the birth of a child. Due to the alignments and movements of planets in the birth charts of parents, they may or may not be gifted with the gift of children.

But it does not stop there. Child birth is not the only concern for parents. After the birth of the child, they have to take care of its health, fulfil all its desires, give proper education to them and set a suitable and appropriate career for them. Parent can never stop becoming parents even if their child has become one. Astrology helps to determine an appropriate pathway for children’s life.


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  • We answer unlimited questions to our clients
  • Know about the number of kids you will have
  • Is there a complication for you to conceive?
  • Will your child have a healthy life?
  • How will your child perform in academics?
  • What will be the interests of your child?
  • What kind of temperament does your child possess?
  • How lucky is the child for you?
  • Will there be any defect at the birth of your child?
  • Will the delivery be successful?