Is Kundali Matching necessary before Getting Married?

 For thousands of centuries, Hindus have believed in Vedic astrology. Every event and decisions are taken on the basis of future predictions so that they can prevent any disaster moment in future times of life. Kundali matching is one of them.

Ancient vedic astrology is believed to predict all our life aspects which includes relationship, career, health, finance, lifespan and many other.

Astrology is also known as Jyotish Vidya. Approximately during 1500BC,for the first time scriptures,called as Vedas, were compiled into written form in Sanskrit by Vyasa Krishna Dwaipayana.

It is also said that Vedas were hymns that were taught by God to the Rishis (sages or saints). When Vyasa compiled the Vedas, he broke them into four important parts- RIGVEDA, SAMAVEDA, YAJURVEDA, ATHARVAVEDA. Vedangas were also originated to supplement the Vedas whose meaning is limbs of Vedas. Vedangas consists of six subjects – Siksa (Phonetic), Chandan (Meyer), Kalpa (Ritual), Vyakaran (Grammar), Nirukta(Etymology), Jyotish (Astrology).

It is believed that when a child is born , the date, time and many other details related to birth are noted for preparing a Janam kundali for future reference like career, marriage, health or any future mishaps and many other life prospects.

Here we will be solely focussing on kundali matching for marriage.

Kundali matching is an asta-koota matching where 36 points are matched from boy’s and girl’s horoscope. If 18 out of 36 points are matching then the marriage has a good future but if the point is below 18 then the marriage is considered as challenging. Five most important point whose matching is mandatory is Gana, Rajju, Dina, Rashi, Yoni. The best marriage matches are 26 out of 36 points.

The star for match making is the Nakshatra Porutham. This can be called as star compatibility.

Necessity of Matching Kundalis

As we know marriage is an auspicious event in Hindu religion. It is the turning point of every individuals life. Marriage is not only the bond of two souls but also a  their families. So it becomes very important to check every possible aspect.

Kundalis help to predict the planetary effects on a person life, the nature of the individual, how compatible is the relation. So we can say kundali matching is the initial step towards a happy marriage.

Compatibility will include the persons individual efforts, adjustments, tolerance, sincerety towards the relation by neglecting their negative points for a successful marriage. Mostly  human efforts added with a bit of Astrological perfection would surely help to make the journey carefree.

History says that during Mahabharat times, the disastrous end of the Kauravas lead to a era where people stopped believing in astrology. But after the era ended again the tradition of astrology was started. It is also said that guru Vasista also  matches lord Ram and mata Sita’s kundalis before the marriage was conducted.

Some Reasons Why Kundali Matching is Vital

Kundali matching is a ritual that eases us with a feeling of safe and blissful future. Some of the factors that are taken into account to make is achievable are:

There are 36 gunas that for matching the compatibility in all aspects. Mental and physical that include nature, attitude, behaviour, temper, interests, physical attraction and desirability.

Among all the gunas, the major guna is Naadi that indicates the compatibility of bearing offsprings for the couple or any difficulties that may arise. Naadi guna carries the maximum points out of all 36 gunas.

Every marriage needs a financial stability. Finance is clarified under Bhakoot, that is the seventh Guna in the planetary chart which gives the idea of financial security, good job, promotions, monetary stability and increments etc.

Almost every Hindu person hold a kundali that reveals the positioning of planets, stars during the time of birth as people believe that their birth time decides their fate and fortune. This has also been proven scientifically. So the position of stars and planets sometimes may lead to some misfortunes due to bad alignment of celestial bodies. These are considered as Dosha and this can threat you for an unsuccessful marriage.

For this problem astrology has come up with remedial Poojas that can reduce the power of the Doshas.


People say marriages are made in heaven. But to settle on earth with someone for a major part of our lives, we need to make it a peaceful and easy-going path. Because the roller coaster is best to be placed in amusement parks and not in our lives. So it is considered important for matching the astrological charts before heading towards marriage.

But in today’s time’s love marriage are at a peak, so how can the astrological beliefs be sustained in the changing times of the progressive world. We need to put a thought to the changing mindset and come up with better perspectives towards this. Contact Karyesh for Kundali matching.