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Wealth And Finances

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Money, nowadays, is very important for leading a sustained life. All of us work day and night just to earn enough to provide a better life for our family and/or us. We seek education, specialize in our interest area and face reality.

Everybody thinks that education can help us earn a good amount of money. It is true! But is education the only required resource to become financially independent? No, there are other factors in consideration like dedication, hard work, energy, inspiration, and luck. This four-letter word, LUCK has a great impact on an individual’s life.

Some people are brilliant in studies, excel in sports and have a great future ahead but still lack behind in the race of life. Whereas, a mediocre, less qualified person becomes rich. It’s all because of the luck they have been born with.

Dreams come with a cost but not every cost paid brings us close to our dreams. As we all know, the alignment and movement of the comic bodies in the houses of our birth chart play a huge role in determining our future.

Astrological consultations can help us with finances and wealth prediction. Our birth chart contains 12 houses of which one house is dedicated to our wealth and finances. The study of this house along with the influence of other houses over it can help us know about our problems. Hence, astrology is the platform that will help us know about our problems and provide effective solutions to them.

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Why Karyesh?

It is been more than a decade for our team to solve and satisfy the problems of many of our clients. Karyesh was born out of the vision and dedication of Mr. Kushal Agarwal. It was under his guidance that we could survive for more than 10 years in such a competitive environment. We have a group of more than 10 learned astrologers. All of whom, have been students to eminent gurus and professors gaining proficiency in different disciplines of astrology. We proudly claim ourselves to be the best astrological platform in Kolkata because:

  • We maintain complete privacy
  • We predict accurate problems
  • We provide easy and realistic solutions
  • We explain the root cause of the problem, to our clients. A good explanation leads to better understanding.
  • We are affordable
  • We do not give out results immediately. We take ample amount of time to study the chart thoroughly, saving ourselves from making any mistake.
  • We answer all your questions related to wealth and finance.

Some of which are:

  • What is the basic wealth status?
  • Will you become wealthy?
  • What is stopping you from becoming rich?
  • Where should you make investments?
  • Will you inherent a large sum of money?
  • How hard/easy is it for you to become a millionaire, etc