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Education is a necessary learning process that helps us to become successful. Education is a blessing but comes with a cost. Some people can afford the best possible education and there are some people who cannot get inside an educational institution at all, no matter how much they try.

But success has its way to reach us. There is a possibility that an uneducated individual may become a millionaire whereas, a bearer of the fanciest education may fail to earn a minimal earning. It’s all faith and play of our history.

History, that lies in our birth chart. The 12 houses within which lie the cosmic bodies (planets, sun, and moon, etc.). Hence, our history lies in the movement and alignment of heavenly bodies, influencing and defining our existence from thousands of distance away.

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Some people despise learning and education but have a sharp bent of mind. Whereas, there are people who excel in studies but they are not thinkers. It is difficult for a person to have a sharp bend of mind, creative thinking ability, problem-solving thinking etc. This is the reason we all are different from each other in almost every way possible.

Our parents are always worried about our academics and the future. They believe that scoring good marks in studies gives us a guaranteed successful life. Parents look for the easiest path their children can walk in. After all, Who will want to see their children struggling?

After 10th board examination, both parents and children are worried and confused about which stream to choose. This decision lays the foundation for our future life. It is very important to know about the stream we would enjoy learning and work on.

Then comes class 12th: an end to our school life, beginning to a new life. It is the curtain-raiser period of our life. We are exposed to the world as individuals, without any protection and guidance given to us by our school. And so forth the life keeps going on.

We often see parents taking their children to astrologers for education astrology predictions in order to determine the best career path for them. Parents see birth charts as a road-map heading towards the best life their children can live.

Why Karyesh?

Our founder and mentor Mr. Kushal Agarwal, got the best possible education but chose a different path. He pursued his masters in the field of management but came as an entrepreneur. But he found his interests in astrological sciences, after being inspired by his mother. He changed the course of his path because he was destined. Karyesh understands the importance of education in an individual’s life and takes up the matter very seriously.

  • We believe in clearing all our client’s doubt
  • We predict the future with 100% accuracy
  • Detection of problems or obstacles (if any) is made
  • We provide realistic and easy solutions
  • We predict the chances and scope of higher education
  • The best stream for them to study
  • The interest area of your child
  • Will education be fruitful for them?

We answer all the questions arising in the minds of our patients with the utmost accuracy and dedication.