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Have you ever looked at your palms? So many lines crossing each other make us curious about what they mean. Some believe that they are just basic body demarcations whereas some extract meaning out of it.

Palmistry reading is the oldest and widely used branch of astrology. Eminent sages and pundits used to look at our palms and interpret and describe the future happenings of our life.

It is believed that India is the founder of the art of palmistrySage Valmiki is known to write a book on palmistry, which spread across the countries of China, Egypt, Tibet, Persia and other countries of Europe.

Having its emergence from India, palmistry does not restrict itself within the country. Palmistry is popular all across the globe with people believing in its predictions.

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Our palm has many lines where each line has been dedicated to a particular area. We have heard about many names of which the most common ones are head, heart, health and life lines. People are very serious about their palm readings and take the predictions with the utmost care and vigilance.


Why Karyesh?

Karyesh constitutes of more than 10 members in its team, who have attained their knowledge from learned gurus and professors specializing in different disciplines of astrology. We proudly announce ourselves to have the best astrologers in Kolkata. Our astrologers are analytical and genuine with their predictions, making them the genuine astrologers of Kolkata as well. We do not believe in pleasing our clients but speak the truth for their betterment. Client’s progress is all we have in mind. We under the guidance of Mr Kushal Agarwal concentrate on our quality of work than the quantity to be done. We have accurate and realistic remedies for all your problems.

  • We predict accurate problems
  • We give out realistic and easy solutions
  • We answer to unlimited questions of our clients
  • We provide analytical palm reading with 100% correct predictions