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How the Science of Stars Affects your Behavior

Horoscope somehow makes perfect sense! Every day you might check your daily horoscope & watch it being proved right. And once you start checking it, you will only believe it more and more. Astrology is a pseudoscience that is associated with celestial objects. It claims to divine information about terrestrial events and human affairs by studying its movements. Astrology is vast and dates prehistoric times to at least the 2nd millennium BCE.  This blog will make you understand how the science of stars affects your behavior.

Astrology is the science of stars that has its roots spread in Greece, Rome and Arab. The practice soon took leads in Hindu, Chinese and Maya cultures. It can predict your mood & so the horoscope proves to be correct. Astrology also governs the celestials bodies that in the long run can affect your behavior. 


Moon is the closest celestial body that affects us


Moon is the natural satellite of Earth and is the closest celestial body to us. It has its own gravitational force & so it affects the five elements of the universe, namely the Earth, water, air, sky, & water. It thus affects human minds and the calmness the body is in. Human behavior is the replica of one’s mind, intelligence, economic & family status, & mood that triggers a response to events. In astrology, the moon, the fifth house, the planets, etc represent the state of your mind. Mind also denotes your sun, moon & Lagna as per the Vedic chart, as a person is the total sum of mental application. And so the moon, our mind, and our signs affect our behavior more casually than you’d believe. 

You shall also observe that during the new, no-moon, or full moons there will be extensive changes in the tides on the beaches. And you will have similar behavioral changes as these bodies are undergoing heavy change.

In a similar aspect, every planet can influence our mood and behavior. For instance, think about the lunar phases of the moon. Many women undergo different moods swings based on that cycle. In addition to this, a planet’s size and power will also have an impact on your behavior. We can say that when we work on some stuff in a specific period, it might output an enormous impact.

How astrology predicts behavior


Behavior is the overall analysis of how your body reacts to a situation. One needs to have both physical and mental strength plus courage in case an event occurs. In case an event occurs, you question your mental peace and the people who act in rage cannot gain the courage to solve the problems. Such people will have unstable behavior. In a similar aspect, astrology gains a lot of knowledge about your inner peace and celestial bodies that affect your behavior.

Accuracy of astrology in predicting human behavior


Astrology accumulates the data on all the factors which affect your body & soul and acts as a complete form of metaphysical study of life. It keeps a check on the human body-mind-soul, ancestry, meaning, intentions, purpose, destiny, and global issues. When a qualified astrologer accumulates data and produces an astrological chart, we see that factors affecting your birth period also affect your behavior. These behaviors are based on your zodiac signs and these affect your nature. The charts are also considered the knowledge of your biological relationships, diseases based on ancestry lineage, and your social influences with factors that can affect your locality. They also obtain data on how you feel, how mentally and physically strong you are and your limitations given in certain conditions.

Astrology thus captures all the data and results in a very high accuracy rate. The spiritual application of this knowledge advancement is for those who wish to work skillfully with the influences stay cherished by celestial bodies.

How astrology is ruling human behavior


Astrology is analyzing people on various scales ranging from large to smallest ones. It analyses the psychometric cases in a detailed manner, which is impossible to note down with scientific processes. When there is a disease outbreak or a finial crisis in the country then these cases would affect you mildly, and on having a more personal crisis your mental stability will be irritated and will disturb your peace factor. Moreover, the consideration of Lagna, 6th, and 12th Bhava will make your reading more precise.

As the stars and planets affect us greatly, there are some ventures due to which the control and behavior of a person mislead. For example, if there is a Saturn and Moon conjunction, there will be a period for which you’ll have to face disappointing stages. Astrology works on a basic level and determines exact information of brain state and so it is ruling human behavior.

Astrology tells a lot about human identity as well. It’s said that if your soul is Venus then you will have an affinity to the cinematic life while if the same is Shani then you’ll enjoy solitude. An attraction in between the different masses of the universe sticks and moves in alignment to one another, due to which your personal choices and attraction towards people differ. Your nature always remains in perfect collision with the celestial bodies and marks your behavior.



Astrology is ruling our behavior. And because it is ruling, then use it to your advantage. It is always profitable to use some knowledge for our benefit. The daily horoscopes in the newspapers, the various zodiac signs, their divisions, and whatnot are all divisions of astrology. This has all been generated from the people and their beliefs in the concept of astrology.

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