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When was Astrology First Used?

In some way or another, knowingly or unknowingly, astrology has affected us all. Whether it’s your mom who refers to your local astrologer for every move you make in life, or the zodiac signs section of your daily newspaper that you’re skeptical about. You still cannot help glancing through. So how did this all-encompassing theory originate? Where did it come from? When was Astrology first used?

This blog is not about the origin story of astrology. It will rather focus on the first time it was used and who used it. People have made exciting discoveries on this topic, and we are here to share them with you!

The Discovery


A research team uncovered what is possibly the oldest astrologer’s board in existence. Where do you think they discovered it? Croatia! The team found out in a cave in front of the Adriatic Sea. They estimate this to be at least 2000 years old. The research team found the 12 signs of the zodiac in the 30 fragments of the recovery made of ivory. With further digging they found few more signs later on. When they pieced these together, they formed the symbols of Cancer, Gemini, and Pisces.

Next to the board was a phallic stalagmite sitting among tens of thousands of ancient Greek glasses or tumblers.

Scientists have tried to imagine the scenario of this setting around 2000 years back. They have painted a picture of an astrologer, probably one of the first of his kind, analyzing the horoscope board and trying to predict a person’s life outcomes. He probably used the board to show the person, possibly a customer, the positions of the 9 planets at the time of the person’s birth.

What Makes This Discovery So Special?


This discovery is the oldest of any other ones we have had! It was a life-changing experience for the team of researchers that made this discovery. They did not expect to make it because the cave had been sealed off around 2000 years back. So imagine their shock when they found a broad, short pathway that went on for almost 10 meters through the pitch darkness that led to the cave! One of the researchers on this expedition described it as “one of a kind, a King Tut experience- going to a place approached by nobody for thousands of years.”

The Process of Entering The Cave And Putting Together The Board


When they first entered the cave, the archaeologists described there to be a fragile layer of limestone on the surface of the ground, and it cracked under their feet with every step. This led to the conclusion that no one had stepped into that cave for ages.

They also found later the reason why the cave’s main entrance was closed. In the first century B.C., the Romans sealed it off as a result of a war against the local people.

Lying in wait for them inside the cave was the aforementioned fragments of the astrologer’s board, along a rod-shaped structure made of stalagmite, and about a thousand tumblers. They then lay eyes upon small pieces of ivory. Even though they were confused at first, they immediately started putting these ivory pieces together. With each additional ivory piece, they found themselves looking at a familiar structure. By the end of it they had determined those as the remains of the oldest astrologer’s board we know of.

What Brought The Board To The Cave?


Researchers are not sure of where the board was assembled, but they have stated that there is a high chance of it being made in Egypt. They studied the ivory used in the board. The elephants that they killed to get it were found to be alive 2,200 years back. This dates the board back for that amount of time too.

From Egypt, the Greek colonies must have transported the ivory by the Adriatic Sea, which flows in front of the cave, to Croatia.  The Greeks probably visited the caves to make a prediction. The dimly lit cave with dangling stalagmite must have been a great setting to make a horoscopic prediction in.

Another hypothesis is that the Croatians, or Illyrians as they were called in those days, had stolen the board thinking it was of great value. They were probably at a loss on what to do with it, so they placed it as an offering to the Gods of the cave.

Whatever it was, we must consider ourselves lucky to be able to experience events that happened centuries before we were born through these tidbits. And for that, we thank you, modern technology!


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