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World Famous Leaders and Their Zodiac Signs

A leader is a person who often leaves a significant impact wherever he or she goes. These individuals are full of positive vibes and captivating personality. That’s why people get attracted to these globally eminent leaders quite easily. Moreover, their zodiac signs do play a crucial role in determining their prospective future as world-famous leaders. So, today’s guide will focus on World Famous Leaders and Their Zodiac Signin details.
A checklist of world-famous leaders and their zodiac signs

We all know that there are twelve zodiac signs in total. Each of these signs is associated with its formative planet. Zodiac signs even let these world-famous leaders outreach their own mental powers. This unputdownable attitude of theirs have allowed these people become globally famous leaders today. That said here is a checklist of some World-Famous Leaders and Their Zodiac Signs to check out.

Indira Gandhi


The first female prime minister in India. Born on 19th November 1917, Mrs Gandhi’s zodiac sign was Scorpio.Starting from women empowerment to serving India three times, her contributions were immense. Indira Gandhi also played a crucial role during the freedom struggle of India. To our utter misfortune, we lost this extremely talented leader in 1984 after she was assassinated.

Adolf Hitler


In world history, Adolf Hitler is till now considered the most influential leader. Mr Hitler was born on 29th April, 1889. His zodiac sign was Taurus. This zodiac sign had enough power which culminated in starting World War II as well. Right from his childhood, Hitler was quite obstinate, indifferent and retaliative kind of a person. His tyrannous military-based dictatorship astounded the whole world. Surprisingly, he always stayed aloof from his father.

What’s more? He created the maximum amount of destruction to nature and humanity in general. Basically, individuals with the Taurus sign are stubborn, mindful and well-heeled at the same time. That’s why Hitler incorrigibly condemned the Jews for his entire lifetime.

Barrack Obama


Barrack Obama busted the myth of the U.S history and became the first black president of the state. He is now the most sought-after leader among the indigenous Americans. Born on 4th August, 1961, his zodiac sign is Leo. Subsequently, Obama brought a good deal of stability and socio-political improvements across the entire America. His charismatic personality, eloquence and amicability was inevitably attractive to the whole world. His calm and peaceful mode of leadership also got him the Noble Peace Prize until recently. In particular, he received this accolade for making world a better and more peaceful place.

Nelson Mandela


When it comes to the World-Famous Leaders and Their Zodiac Signs, the name of Nelson Mandela is worth articulating. In fact, no other leader could beat the never-say-die attitude of this leader. He was born on 18th July, 1918 somewhere in South Africa. Since then, his innate zodiac sign has been cancer. He fought against the British by commencing the anti-apartheid uprising. Then, he also won the Nobel Peace Prize for establishing peace and harmony. Till the time Mandela lived, he was considered the most eminent leaderin the world.

How Cancer shaped Mandela’s political career?


Well, people whose zodiac sign is Cancer have some innate qualities in them. These traits primarily include trustworthiness, spunk and a zeal to establish peace. So, we can say that Cancer as a zodiac sign played a crucial role in shaping Nelson Mandela’s political career effectively. Do you also wish to know what is going to happen with you in the forthcoming future? Then, contact us at Karyesh today as we are the best astrological platform in Kolkata.We chiefly practice Vedic astrology in assistance of some of the finest astrologers from India.

Martin Luther King


Martin Luther King is undoubtedly one of the most eminent leaders in America. Besides, he was also quite famous all across the world. He was born on 15th January, 1929. His innate zodiac sign was that of Capricorn. During the time he was active, he had done lots of movements for the sake of civil rights. He fought for the people with black skin as their main proponent.

What else?


The exclusion of apartheid was specifically striking during his chief movement. His zodiac sign of Capricorn turned him into a disciplined, calm and proactive person with the passage of time. Furthermore, racial discrimination in America witnessed a significant curb due to his constant endeavours. His political career was satiated after he received the Noble Prize. He died for being assassinated as well.

Abraham Lincoln


The whole of United States considered Abraham Lincoln the most beloved and eminent leader during his time. Born on 12th February, 1809 in America, Mr. Lincoln’s innate zodiac was Aquarius. As a leader he was quite efficient and had led the country during the most crucial phase in America. It was in the form of a severe political, constitutional and moral crunch during the American Civil War. He successfully eradicated slavery from America as well.

How Aquarius shaped Lincoln’s political career?


Individuals who are born with Aquarius as their innate zodiac sign are humanist and vocal in their extremity. Since Lincoln was born with this zodiac sign, he was quite prudent and idealistic by nature too. He busted all the boundaries and barriers of inhibitions and turned his nation into the most peaceful and conducive place to live.

Time to sign off!


So, hope you found today’s guide on World Famous Leaders and Their Zodiac Signs useful and informative. To get the best astrologer for online consultation in India feel free to contact us anytime. We at Karyesh will let you leave a happy and peaceful life with our outstanding astrological services.

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