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Is Career Prediction by Date of Birth Possible?

Career is the most significant part of everyone’s life. With the world becoming competitive and full of challenges, finding a job that an individual loves and which he/she feels is right for them has become of utmost importance. As it provides a ray light into the direction that they want to stay in for the rest of their lives, each individual is very focused towards their career. Further, it interlinks with many other aspects of a person’s life like family, relationships, status, etc. Thus, an individual is hell-bent on making the right decision on the first try itself.
With a bag filled with career choices, choosing the one that can either make or break the outcomes of a person’s decision, it is quite hard to pinpoint if one has no idea about which path to choose. It is here that the importance of career prediction by using just the date of birth (also called the birth chart) has gained a lot of importance by providing a helping hand.
Astrology is a very intriguing and fascinating subject. It deals with cosmic bodies that affect an individual’s life even while they are thousands of kilometres away. It can predict the future of a person’s life by just looking at the birth chart as that has all the details of the planets and their alignments at the time, one is born. Furthermore, it tells a lot about a person’s characteristics, personality and identity. But does this mean that,
The answer is yes; birth date can predict our future life.Because astrology can predict the present and future of a person’s life, and as a profession is a small part of that life, even career can be determined by looking at the birth chart specifically the tenth house(known as the house of career which tells about the job).However, to ensure a thorough study of the same, it is also necessary to know about the 2nd house (revealing income through a profession)and the 6th house (revealing employment and day to day services) as only when these three are connected, an astrologer can give an in-depth analysis.
Date of birth is the foundation of all predictions for an individual. By interpreting the movement of the cosmic bodies influencing an individual’s life, career predictions are possible.Thus, it helps in making an informed decision. It calculates the strengths of planets and the homes by suggesting the career field suitable for achieving desired results.

Role of D-10 chart

The key to a suitable career with a stable and decent income for an individual is checked by utilising horoscope charts. The main horoscope is represented by D-1 chart, whereas the D-10 (also called Dashmansha chart) analyses the career or profession. So it is the D-10 chart which makes career prediction by date of birth possible. Thus, to ensure that a person is satisfied economically and mentally, the D-10 chart is interpreted in tandem with the D-1 chart, to get a clear cut idea about the profession an individual should pursue. Furthermore, the 10th house is dominated by Saturn and its positioning within the zodiac wheel at the person’s birth time signifies and helps in determining the profession.

Career Prediction by date of birth from Planets in the 10th house

As discussed earlier, planets in the 10th house help in directly influencing the career of an individual. Thus, by aligning the skills and abilities with the concerned goal, one can make the path to success a little easier. So, why not throw some light on the influence of different planets in the 10thhouse.


SUN IN THE 10th HOUSE: It is quite a promising placement. It is because the sun gets directional strength here. It provides reputation, authority and status in the career. Furthermore, it is suitable for leadership roles as it offers professional choices like administration, project management, politician, etc. Not to forget, but it is also quite good for a career in government institutions as there are chances that one might get helped by them.

VENUS IN THE 10TH HOUSE: The placement of Venus in this house is considered good for a successful career. As it is the planet for creativity it offers career opportunities in acting, painting, graphic designing, modelling and many more. Moreover, if Venus is retrograde here, then it is much better as it enhances the chance of becoming a reputed public relation officer.
SATURN IN THE 10TH HOUSE: Its placement has dual results. It is a planet of delay. It means that though it can bring great success in the profession, it can delay the process. However, it tells about work ethic and how one’s professional life can be fruitful if they pursue a career in politics, law business management, etc.

JUPITER IN THE 10TH HOUSE: It showers information about wealth potential and administrative acumen. Its placement is not generally good as it does not take one to the highest position in the career. However, it makes one an honest person. It, thus, provides noble professions like teaching, consultant, judge, etc.

MARS IN THE 10TH HOUSE: It tells about a job involving discipline, and ambition. Thus it gives directional strength and is a good placement for a career. Furthermore, it revolves more around administrative skills and people having it in their house are more inclined towards a career in army, police, engineering or anything related to machines, etc.

So to conclude, we can say that before choosing a profession, a holistic understanding is necessary to take the right path career-wise. Career selection can be quite tricky if not paid attention towards thus, career prediction as per date of birth comes in handy. It helps in knowing different aspects of educationand income, and lead towards the right career path.
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