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Health and Astrology

One cannot study, work or earn if one is not healthy.If we want to live a happy and prosperous life, we cannot ignore our health especially with the rising pollution levels and junk food habits. Surprisingly, astrology too can help you to live a really healthy life.

History of Astrology in Medicine

The development of medicine,in history, intrinsically relied on astrological insights for understanding the human body in all its complexity. Astrology dominated almost everything during the early modern periods and thus many systems made reference to it or were dependent on it in their worldview. Astrology applied to medicine has very ancient roots in India, China and Egypt.The zodiac signs were assigned to rule over certain parts of the human body, like organs and diseases associated with them.Hence, the whole system was based on observations and interpretations of one’s zodiac sign.

While today’s medicine is greatly advanced, there is still much to be learned about general health and wellness through an astrological chart. Ayurveda, the science of wellness developed in India, still incorporates astrology as a tool for staying healthy.

How astrology can support your health

The placement of the planets in your chart reflects the subtle systems and organs within your body that maintains your health.

Medical astrology associates the human body to the solar system and the various planets being the parts of the body and diseases influencing them. To maintain good health, one can learn about their zodiac and the ruling planet, and take precautions to avoid illnesses.

Rules to predict a health horoscope

For the prediction of a health horoscope, an astrologer should look into the three most important rules to determine the wellness of one’s body. These are: –
The Ruling planet and house of the body part in the birth chart, and position and influence upon the owner of the related house.
The ascendant, the Moon, 6th and 8th houses and their lords.
Time of transit of planets.

Applications of Astrology in Health

Predicting the timing of the disease

Your birth chart can reveal when you are more likely to fall sick and vulnerable. An astrologer can also predict the type of disease and organ, of yours, that may be affected. Hence, through your chart, you can avoid illnesses by taking extra care of yourself and by using preventive measures such as vaccines, detox, exercising etc.

As a health tool

Your chart can reveal the underlying genetic, environmental and emotional factors which may lead to diseases. Astrology when used in conjunction with modern medicine, can be used as an effective health tool that can quickly bring out subtle yet essential information.

Predicting the duration of the illness

Once the planetary triggers are known, an astrologer can easily predict the progress of the symptoms and help improve your recovery rate. The lunar phases may be considered here. This can be especially beneficial for chronic conditions when working to heal the body of underlying infections or weaknesses.


Perhaps the major benefit of medical astrology is its ability to recognize an individual’s weaknesses and reach a treatment protocol in order to prevent and alleviate illnesses.

Astrology for wellness

The connection between astrology and health go back a long way. The first doctors in history were, in fact, astrologers, who built their understanding of the human body by correlating them with the patterns of planetary motion.
Simple astrological knowledge, coupled with usual medical approaches can help to live a long and healthy life.

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