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Astrology and Astronomy

To the mass, astrology and astronomy seem similar and sometimes people even confuse one with the other. There are numerous similarities between them, but they do not make either of them the same. There are some very distinct differences between them which sets them apart from each other.


Astrology is the study of stars in order to understand the constellations and helps in preparing the natal chart. These days horoscope and the study of it i.e., astronomy has gained a lot of attention from the mass. Astrologists have been working on techniques and ways which would help them map down the patterns of the celestial objects and how they would affect us in our day to day life.


Astronomy is the study of celestial objects in outer space. It is a scientific study that involves the planets in the solar system, the other planets scattered around in space, stars that are visible and invisible, nebulas, satellites, etc. It covers a wide range of celestial bodies.

In astronomy, astronomers aim to establish the relationship and correlations between the objects and the manner in which they interact with each other. The focus of astronomers is split into two halves – they search for individual space objects and keep on monitoring their movement and at the same time they search for any links or connections which might affect the celestial bodies.

Similarities between Astrology and Astronomy

  • Root –Both the words share a very common feature i.e., the root word. The root word for both the terms – Astrology and Astronomy is Astro which means the combining form related to the stars or celestial objects. Just by adding different suffixes you get two different words who share the same root. You add the suffix nomyto astro and you get astronomy. Similarly, you add the suffix logy to astro and you get Astrology. Two different field of study whose lexical root is identical.
  • Objective – Astrology and Astronomy, both these words are quite confusing for the most as for the mass both of them study the stars and look for answers. The mere assumption of the mass is correct, as the objective of both the fields is to look at the stars and find answers. However, the reasoning behind both of them are very different, which sets them apart from each other.
  • Origins – Originally both, Astrology and Astronomy were part of the same occult studies and it did not take time for people to notice the slight changes happening in the sky. The changes were such as with the passage of the time the stars, moon and the sun would shift from its previous positions. This intrigued people and they started researching and studying about astrology and astronomy. Due to this, sub-categories were formed, and astrology and astronomy were a part of the many sub-categories which were formed.

Differences between Astrology and Astronomy –

Different scientific background –
Astrology and Astronomy they have identical lexical root however their scientific background differs. Both of these branches have different methods of obtaining and analysing the data they procure from studying the celestial objects. Astrology has the scientific background in terms of charting the movement of celestial body and how it would affect the mass. Astronomy has the scientific background which deals with studying the outer space in order to understand the known and unknown out there and the relationship between them. Astrology helps you in charting your life into phases and astronomy studies the phases and pattern of celestial bodies in order to find if we face any threat or not.

Different methods and approaches –
With Astrologers, the work starts from the time when a person is born as they form the natal chart and from then on, they map out the movement of the celestial bodies to see how they will affect the person. With astronomers, they peek through a telescope in search of changes happening in the outer space. Both of them procure data of celestial bodies but the methods are quite different – the former is based on the movement while the latter is based on what is being observed.

Job responsibilities –
As the scientific background is different, hence their responsibilities will also be different from each other.

Astronomers – they help in establishing theories on the basis of the data collected. They further on analyse the data using their astronomical equipment. They take much more time in establishing theories with accurate and concrete facts as that might be taken into consideration by other field professionals.
Astrologers – Astrologers main work is to prepare the natal chart of the people who approach them. They are often contacted for horoscope reading as people want to know about things which should be avoided and things which should be done. All of these information are prepared by studying the celestial movement. Sometimes the client ask them to present the data they collected and explain it to them.

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