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Guiding Your Children’s Life Through Astrology

Parenting is one of the most difficult jobs in the world, and it does not come with any prior training unlike other jobs. All you have at your disposal is love, affection and goodwill to mold a child into a responsible adult.

Guiding your children through astrology can really help take some of that stress and burden away from you and show you the path you can take to guide your children into greatness.The parents can prepare a natal chart which will act as a blueprint of your child, at the time of the birth which will highlight their destiny and the factors which will influence them.

How Astrology can help you guide your children:

Astrology and Horoscope reading has been around for the longest time in India and has played a vital part in our culture. Every child has their own destiny in this world, and through astrology, the parents can have a clear understanding about their child’s destiny can work to help them reach there.

With the powers of Astrology, you can get to know the entire outline of your child’s life. With the help of the child’s birth natal chart, you can use it as a guideline to help make the right decisions for your child’s life.

In astrology, they make a proper framework to help you make the correct decisions and help you set the right course for your child’s successful and happy life. It helps the parents by letting them know the strengths, weaknesses, stream of academics that will suit them and their future health conditions.

Astrology can also be used to identify any future interests that your child may develop, and help you work towards that specific goal and guide them towards that goal. (With the detailed mapping or the natal chart, Astrology can help you ward off thenegative energy which may affect your child, and help you turn them around.

Major aspects where guiding your child’s life through Astrology will help:

  • Nature and Personality: through astrology, you will be able to understand the various changes your child will go through due to time as they grow up, and the periods of ups and downs they will face in life. You will be able to understand their behavior and will be able to make decisions accordingly. Astrology will help you in understanding certain behavior of the child by talking about their dominant traits and how they affect their personality.
  • Education: education is seen as the steppingstone for the child’s future success and career. In Astrology, the placement of planets in a particular house indicates the strong points of a person and with proper education, the future of your child can be made secure.The natal chart prepared at the birth of your child will help in noticing the areas which will be more beneficial of your child in terms of education.
  • Through astrology, you will be able to see early on about their inclination towards which field and have a heads up to work with them to help them realize their strengths.
  • Career: During the teenage hood, choosing the right stream of subjects for future career choice is the most difficult decision to make. The heavy burden of the “choosing the right career” is put on the tiny shoulders of children which may strain their mental capacity. However, astrology as a guardian can guide them into making the right choice. Astrology can help the children by providing hints regarding their nature and personality which would be best suitable for a particular job. Due to this, children can start working towards the path which is best suitable for them. This puts both, the parents and the children at ease.
  • Health: During the growing period of child, parents worry the most about their health and well-being. Astrology can keep the mind at peace as there is a concept in astrology which states that there is a certain connected pattern between the solar system and the structures of the body and mind. Moreover, with the help of Vedic astrology which maps the karmic deed of the past and the present life, parents can know the health status of their child. The parents can work towards making the health of the child better by working with the child on their health.
  • Character: Teenage phase is the most vulnerable phase in a child’s life. They are the most susceptible to falling into the hands of bad company and choosing the wrong path for themselves. Children during this phase are still kids who think they are big enough to handle themselves, which is a phase that everyone goes through. Astrology and the mapping of the transit and conjunction of major planetary influences, it can help the parents in guiding their children in the right direction. A child might act a certain way due to the influence of Rahu or Shani, which can be tracked and conquered by the parents with the help of astrology as it can give a detailed reading.

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