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10 Facts about Palmistry

Palmistry is the oldest branch of astrology. The art of palmistry has been practised for thousands of years. Not only was it popular in our country, but it was also popular in the foreign land. The intriguing concept of palmistry has always left us spellbound and will continue to do so with the generations to come. We all have become young and amateur palmist once in our childhood and predict what the lines speak. Let us have an in-depth study on palmistry and learn 10 amazing facts about it. I hope to intrigue you furthermore.

What is palmistry?

Palmistry or chiromancy is an art of foretelling the future with the study of palms, the process popularly known as palm reading. There is no proof of the accuracy and basis of palmistry. Researchers have yet not been able to understand the concept behind its predictions, the basis of its predictions and the accurateness of its predictions. Though palmistry is termed as pseudoscience by academician, it continues to win the faith of many people. 

Facts about palmistry:

  • The size if the matters – If you have long, large palms then it means that you are an intellect of respect and has a good concentration power. You are critical about small things and concentrate on facts and techniques. Whereas, small palms characterizes the person to be lively with decision-making power and having the capability to hold power.
  • The medium-sized hands demonstrate an all-rounder ability. An individual can do many things appropriately. People having medium-sized hands with palms longer than the fingers talk about the characteristics of them. The person can make large plans consequently and have a good grab on all the things happening.
  • People having fingers longer than their palms are considered to be terrible planners. Though they are unable to plan out well, they tend to finish what they start. They have great vigilance and do not ignore or overlook minute details. Individual’s having wide palms have a sense of compassion and humanity towards other people. They can understand the point of view of others making them subjective. On the other hand, people having narrow palms are very serious and demanding by nature. These people understand and admit their mistake. It is said that the finest husbands and finest wives are not found to have this type of palms.
  • Palms that broad opens with fingers having a good distance belongs to someone inventive, daring and possess novelty. Whereas, people having fingers locked together shows rue, a terror of penalty and are fearful by nature.
  • The colour of the palms also tells us about the character of a person. People having a fair type of hand are supposed to have a self-centred nature whereas red coloured hands signify the obsessive feelings of the person mixed with annoying emotions and great limits of liveliness.
  • People having soft palms points out to somebody who exists with a noticeable capability and can portray the finest work. Hard palms belong to people who adore their work and have an abundance of energy. These people are required to inquire themselves about their wants and desires from life and set an aim to achieve the objective.
  • Individual’s having square and pointed palms have a sense of cause, correctness and possess practical knowledge. The characteristics signify the idealistic and holiness of thoughts of the person. People belonging to these criteria cannot be mistaken or wrong whatsoever.
  • Apart from the major four lines of our palms namely heart line, headline, lifeline, and fate line (optional) there are other great lines furthermore defining the personality of the person. The great lines have been separated into 12 sections like existence line, skull line, spirit line, fitness line, destiny line. Celebrity line, wedding line, wealth line, gender line, strength line, journey line and fortune line. These lines give us a piece of detailed knowledge about ourselves. These are some of the facts about palmistry.

Can I go for palm reading?

There are no restrictions or age criteria for a person to have their palms read. It is believed that the appropriate age for anyone to have their palms read is 18 years. Our lines and mounts are believed to have been formed appropriately until 18 years of age. Going to palm readers after becoming an adult gives the astrologer a better insight into the person. Hence, having higher possibilities to get an accurate prediction. 
Also, palms must be read in the morning after you wake up. Consumption of food or performing any physical activity must not be undertaken as it increases the blood circulation in our palms. This might obstruct the fine lines from being prominent. Karyesh is an astrological platform having more than 10 learned and experienced astrologers with us. We provide palm reading services with accurate predictions and realistic solutions are also provided if it is required. Visit us to know more!