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Best Astrologer in India

Astrology has always held an active positioning in any phase of the universe, be it the medieval times, the developing period or today’s modern period. Although the field has received some objections in all these times, none of them was able to depict any misconception in the field. In every part of the world, astrology is actively practised regardless of any differences. Getting the best astrologer in India is difficult.

Usually, astrology in a large proportion is used in today’s modern times to predict an individual’s future events keeping in mind any of his or her concerns. Astrology has been existing for the same since its inception, but over the passing times, its variety of uses has been highly specific.

With developing times, new modern methods related to the field are also being considered for a future of this ancient mystical art.
Today, astrology is used to predict one’s future events related to any personal queries such as marriage, education and career, financial holdings etc. Especially in the Indian subcontinent, the prophases of astrology have been practised and held in key regard.
Now, let us know what is astrology and something about its history.

What is Astrology and what about its origins?

Astrology is a “pseudo-science” or “pre-scientific field” that proposes to depict context regarding human prophecies and events by decoding planetary movements. The term “astrology” relates from the primitive Latin phrase “astrologia” which is a combination of “Astron” meaning star and “logia” meaning log off.

Since its inception, astrology has been used for several purposes including personal and commercial events. But most appropriately, the study has been used for personal findings at an individual level where the events involving marriage, financial status and prosperity are most essentially determined. Over times, varied cultures have attached themselves to astrology. Some of them include, The Indians, Chinese and Mayan civilizations have always held the field high in regard by developing elaborate astronomical systems for their causes.

Astrology dates back to at least the 2nd millennium BC, initiated as a practice to predict seasonal transitions and calendar systems. Human attachment with astrological practices has been noted as early as 25,000 years ago with human attempts to study the lunar cycles. The Mayan civilization is credited for developing some of the most crucial prediction techniques involving celestial transitions on a large scale. Some of them include predicting solar and lunar transitions.

The Indians are always held high in regard, whenever the facts regarding astrology are raised. If Mayan people are credited for prediction techniques, then Indian people are credited for analyzing and presenting these celestial transitions in the form of facts.
Now, let us look at the components of astrology and some of its varied uses.

Astrological constituents and uses of astrology

In the West, Astrology comprises of a system of horoscopes that depict the various aspects of a person’s personality and predict the future events based on the celestial positioning at the time of birth, what simply is depicted as a “zodiac sign”. Similar practices are followed in the Indian subcontinent and some of its neighbouring Asian countries as well.

Many ancient civilizations had developed their own interpretation of astrology and have effectively used them over the years for their proposals.
If keeping all astrological variations in mind, “horoscope” along with “tarot card” interpretations is the core most entities in all cultures. This indicates most astrological systems share common roots which co-exist as a “varied” entity.

Astrology has a variety of uses, the most popular of which is individual interpretations of life facts based on zodiac signs and horoscope. Some of the lesser-known uses of the field include prediction of seasonal changes and construction of annual calendars.

Astrology is also used to predict celestial and planetary transitions and accordingly study its influence on the planet and its climate. This has been actively used by farmers in ancient civilizations to predict seasonal calamities such as floods and drought by referring to lunar cycles.

The reach of the field has been such that its involvement in politics and military strategies is invincible with the likes of Adolf Hitler, Napoleon Bonaparte and several other immortal entities having taken preferences from astrological concepts before initiating their strategies in their respective fields.

Keeping the field “alive” is beneficial for everyone

Astrology has contributed towards the revolution of science since its inception. Astrology has an immense contribution towards the development of several front line subjects that include Astronomy, Medicine, Mathematics and Physiology of the mind {psychology}. Thus, knowing the benefits and mystic deeds, existence of the field it is undoubtedly essential in our future days in a bid to save our culture and proudly present it to our successors and also for unveiling the hidden secrets of our universe.

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