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Career Prediction With Astrology

The world has become competitive and challenging. Everyone around is focused on his career. There is an old statement, “Find a job you which love, and never work a day in your life”. With the plethora of options present in front of you, how will you choose a career that’s right for you? Career Prediction With Astrology by Karyesh will help you.

It might be a very difficult task if you do not have any idea about the career path. In that case, astrology can give you a helping hand. It can help you find a good fit aligning your interests, aptitude and personality. Actually, astrology can talk a lot more about the person and beyond his career path.

One of the ways through which this is done is through a thorough study of your birth chart. 2nd house, 6th house and 10th house are the necessary one which requires to be studied. 2nd House reveals income through profession or career, 6th house tells about the day-to-day services and employment and the 10th house as known as the house of career tells about your job.

The position of the specific planets like Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Sun in the specific house is analysed. Saturn tells about work ethic, Jupiter tells about administrative acumen and wealth potential, Mercury tells about inclinations towards business, Sun indicates the name and fame of the person, Mars tells about jobs involving valour and discipline, and Venus indicates artistic acumen. This gives information helps determine which profession you are should go for.

 Apart from these, the transition periods of planets also play a vital role which can be studied through your horoscope.

Most of us make decisions about career choices themselves. Hence, it is important to know your which career suits your Zodiac sign. As a result, you can make a well-informed decision. In the current competitive scenario, any such boost is enough to give you a headstart and you can go a long way in the process of achieving your goals.


Aries are born leaders. They have a lot of passion and are competitive. They love starting new projects and forging new career paths. These traits make them excellent entrepreneurs. However, starting a business or going through the initial phase is easier for Aries than keeping it going. They require support.


They are more down-to-earth personalities. This trait makes them excel in jobs and build good connections with people. Farming or horticulture would make good careers for them as they connect very well with nature. Their diligence and presence of mind help them be at their best.


They have many faces, and sometimes even confused with themselves about is real. In professional career, they used this talent effectively. Marketing, human resources or social work or any other job that requires charisma and diplomacy can be good for Geminis to be in.


They have a very heightened empathy and that is why the world seems harsh to the sensitive ones. This weakness turns into its greatest strength in the workplace. They do best in the careers that address the well-being of others. Social justice, social work or careers which focus on helping others are the best ones for them.


They are good at anything, apart from knowing themselves that they possess this. They tend to have incredible talent. Motivation can fuel them to excel whatever they wish to do. They are exceptional in arts, public speaking or leading corporate firms.


They have a vision and them how to get it that way. This perfection is excellent for careers demanding high levels of precision. Ambitious careers like engineering and medicine are good for them, but their perfection remains with them irrespective of which path they choose. They also have a strong sense of aesthetics which make them fit for a career in design.


They want things they deserve. They do not crave for power, just for the sake of having it. They are rarely prone to greed. Libras are excellent in managerial positions. They do justice with whatever they have or they do, which keeps them accountable to people they manage.


They want to experience life at its fullest. They are adventure-lovers, and hence, they want to have similar job roles. Stunts, deep-sea diving are the jobs which attract them. They are drawn towards niche jobs preferring excitement and allure over stability.


They are great learners, have an expansive vision which brings wisdom. These traits make them great mentors or even leaders. They bring a speciality in roles that require a lifetime of learning. Academic roles, Foreign Service, arts are the fields where they can excel in.


They are very serious, and hence they are able to tear even the toughest careers. They feel satisfied in careers with great obstacles. They are hard-working and are hungry for achievements. They do well in engineering careers or similarly demanding jobs.


They have their heads up in the clouds. They shine bright in creative positions like art or designs or even in the field of technology. They bring a unique perspective to their task in whatever they opt for.


They are emotionally complex and delicate beings. Their imagination is vivid. They are good at art. They also make intellectuals or scientists but the pressures of academia often wither their dreams. They are born to be mystics, and that is the sad reality for them as this has no place in the modern world.

A great deal of insight can help you with your decision-making and even excel in your professional life early. Karyesh is always at your help.