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Can Our Life Be Predicted With Our Date Of Birth

Upon hearing predictions and omens our thoughts are immediately directed towards astrology. As been claimed, astrology is considered to be pseudoscientific. Pseudoscientific meaning that though astrological predictions are accurate, their approach is different from the usual scientific phenomenon. Can Our Life Be Predicted With Our Date Of Birth?
Astrology is a very interesting subject. It has the powers to showcase our future in front of our eyes. It aware us of our good and/or bad times. The most exciting fact about astrology is, it takes the help of planets, sun and moon to predict our future. The cosmic bodies which are a thousand kilometres awake from us can influence our life. Isn’t all of this exciting and intriguing enough for us to know more about them.
Okay, so all of this starts from the moment you step into this world. Have you heard of Janam Kundli? I am guessing the answer to be both yes and no. For those who do not know about it. The Kundli is the summary of your life. Especially in the Hindu families, the Kundli is prepared by the pandit or priest. The priest captures the alignment of the planets at the time you are born and reflects it on the paper. It is according to these planets and their alignments, with the help of which the astrologers predict your future.
But the question is,

Can Our Life Be Predicted With Our Date Of Birth?

The answer is yes, our birth date can predict our future life. You must have noticed that upon meeting any astrologer, the first thing they ask is your date of birth. It is because your date of birth encapsulates a lot about your identity, characteristic and personality. The birth date helps in the determination of our name, usually known as Naam-Karan or naming ceremony.
Our date of birth is the foundation of all the related predictions regarding an individual. Let us discuss some of the predictions facilitated by your date of birth.
Dasha Predictions – Dasha means cosmic bodies. With the help of your date of birth, astrologers can predict and interpret the movement and alignment of planets, sun and moon influencing your life. These predictions help you to know the impact of the dasha’s, the reaction they have on our life, the direction they will lead you in.
Sade Sati Details – Sade Sati of Shani or the seven and a half year duration occurs thrice in a person’s lifespan. The date of birth slightly helps in escaping the negative effects of this duration.

Nakshatra Phal

This is very similar to a full-body check-up. Here, you get to know interesting facts about yourself, your nature, personality, behaviour, characteristics, the favourable and unfavourable aspects, your strength and weakness, and other facts about you. all these predictions help you to know yourself and make the right choices in life. Also, this will help you lead a prosperous and productive life in the future.

Influence of the Planets

The reason behind all the predictions is related to the influence of the planets. If there were no connection between your life and the planets, you would not have known about your future. Let us take a moment to thank the planets. The date of birth helps in knowing the influence of planets on your life. Their favourable or unfavourable, good or bad, positive or negative, all the aspects are determined for making future predictions.

Varsh Phal

the varsh phal is also known as Vedic yearly astrology or the annual horoscope. The varsh phal is determined by your date of birth along with the position of the sun. after the sun reaches its same position within one year, then the future predictions are made.
The zodiac signs you have and the daily horoscope you follow is all because of your date of birth. Each zodiac has been allotted a planet or cosmic body, which majorly influence the life of the person.
Knowing about all of this, everything seems so wonderful. Every element of nature is attached so finely that the loss of one element can create a great impact on an individual. How interesting it is to know the importance of the sun is more than just giving us sunlight. That the solar system you used to draw for geography in sixth grade, influence your decisions ad life path.
All of this teaches us to acknowledge each matter on earth and even beyond. And to believe that everything has a meaning.
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