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Types of Doshas

The existence of astrology has always been intriguing and filled with curiosity. Its ability to forecast and predict our life trails and future fill us with excitement along with some amount of scare. Isn’t it scary to know what’s going to happen next? The fear of bad possibilities overpowering the good ones is very intimidating. But the excitement and curiosity of knowing it all is a very common trait of humans. We the living beings with the ability to reason, think, speak and express wants to know everything from before and we take the help of astrology to speak our future to us.

What do Dosha mean?


Have you ever heard someone say that everything is so happy and good, there will be something bad happening any moment? Well, its something very natural and very common. We tend to not believe and focus on all the good parts but rather focus on the upcoming bad occurrences.

Here we are going to talk about the contrary of Yogas. As we all know, the existence of yogas in our kundli is assumed to be very lucky and nice. It fills us with the hope and believes of good things coming our way.

But as we mentioned above, good things come with bad things. And so does, the yogas comes with the doshas. Doshas demarcate the flaws and un-favourable things obstructing us to lead a healthy, happy and peaceful life.

When speaking of astrology, we get a hint of the probable discussion on the heavenly bodies. The planets, sun and moon have a great impact and influence on our lives. Here, the existence of doshas or flaws in our lives occurs majorly due to the alignment of planet mars. Also, there is a contribution of rahu, ketu and other planets alignment to determine our future from our kundli which gets us into unwanted trouble and hindrances. Let us know and be aware of the different types of doshas.

Different types of doshas:

Manglik Dosha/ Kuja Dosha/ Mangal Dosha

According to the Indian Astrology, almost 50% of the people have the Mangal dosha in their birth charts. It is believed that the positioning of the planet mars in some of the specific houses in our birth chart gives rise to a mangal dosha.

In the Vedic Astrology, it is strongly believed that the Manglik dosha of a person leads to the death of their spouse. It is a very subjective belief and cannot be proved to be right or wrong.

Kaalsarpa Dosha

The meaning of the dosha can be extracted b splitting the word into two halves. The ‘Kaal’ means death and ‘Sarpa’ means snake. Collectively the dosha means the death of a person by a snake. People are very scared about this particular dosha though we do not hear much of a word of mouth for the same. This kind of dosha usually occurs when all the planets in our birth charts are aligned on the same side as the Rahu and Ketu. The intensity of the dosha increases when the planets come within the arc of Rahu and Ketu. There are 12 types of kaalsarpa dosha named after different types of snake, having their respective significance.

Nadi Dosha

The nadi dosha comes into consideration when partner compatibility is checked by their birth charts. Though the dosha does not affect the individuals, it may cause trouble to their offspring. Parents having a weak nadi dosha have a weak child. This dosha must not be ignored and taken into consideration.

Shrapit Dosha or Shrapit Yoga

The word shrapit means cursed. This particular dosha can be a yoga (good) for some people and bad (dosha) for some. The shrapit dosha occurs when Saturn and Rahu come together. The dosha happens to those people who have performed wrong deeds in their past life. The presence of shrapit dosha in an individual’s birth chart overpowers the good combinations of planets in the birth chart of the present life.

Though in the red book, the combination of Saturn and Rahu is called Nagmani ( snake’s jewel) which is very auspicious and good. People having such a combination have a lot of black money too. Here, for some people, this becomes the shrapit yoga because of gains and no loss!

Pitra Dosha

Pitra means ancestors. If your ancestors had committed bad deeds then you will have to bear the brunt. This is a very powerful dosha and one cannot make progress because of this dosha. It destroys everything you have in a small or a big way. According to the Vedic Astrology, the sun is considered to the father and moon is considered as the mother. The Saturn and Rahu are enemies of the sun and moon. If the Sun, Moon, Saturn and Rahu are present in the same house of your birth chart, then you have pitra dosha.

Kartik Janma Dosha

According to the Vedic Astrology, Kartik is the name of the month spanning from the middle of October to middle of November. People born during the Kartik month has Kartik janma dosha. The Sun who is considered as the reason of health, father, senior citizens, name and fame. During this period the sun is very weak and people suffering from this dosha has to struggle for making a name and fame, they may also have health-related or family-related issues to struggle with too.

These were the doshas one may or may not have during their lifetime. Indian Astrology strongly believes in the intensities and misfortune that the dosha brings. But within every problem lies the solution! The Indian Astrology believes predicts and believes in the doshas but they also have a way out of them.

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