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Who Created Astrology?

Aren’t we all curious to know what our future holds? Or whether we are lucky enough to bag our dream job or simply the reason behind our mishaps? When we find ourselves in a fit with no way out, we turn to astrology. Admit it or not, we all secretly have a kink for astrology. Though it faces a lot of backlash, if you think about it, astrology is a very vast and fascinating subject. There are many questions that arise about this course, so let us start with the basics- Who Created Astrology?

Who Created Astrology?

Firstly, let us understand what astrology is. Simply put, it is the study of the positions of the celestial bodies and their movements interpreted to influence the course of human life, individuals, and their affairs. While astrology has its own set of believers and non-believers, a large number of people say that these predictions work. According to a recent study, 98% of adults know their sun signs and 70% of people read the horoscope column. These figures do say a lot about the number of people who have their bets set upon astrology.

Now, let us jump into our main question – Who Created Astrology? While the history of astrology continues to remain slightly vague, deeper studies and research in this field tell us that astrology seems to have been originated around 2,400 years ago in Babylon with the Babylonians coming up with their own form of horoscopes. Later, slowly it popularized in eastern countries like Egypt and gradually leading to the popular age old Greek astrology. It was in the 20th century that astrology gained its broad admiration and immense belief.


In India, astrology appeared first in the Vedic period. Astrology referred to as Jyotisa is actually a Vedanga – meaning a branch of the Vedas of the Vedic religion. This form of astrology tells us the rules of following the movements of the sun and the moon in a five year intercalation cycle. Many deem Sage Bhirgu of the Vedic period, compiler of Bhrigu Samhita, as the ‘Father of Hindu Astrology’. The modern form of horoscopic astrology was a birth result of the interaction of the Indian form of Jyotisa with the Hellenistic form of astrology.

The old compilations of the astrological studies dating back to the earliest centuries AD contain about 5 million horoscopes with predictions of those who will live in the future. The oldest astrological treaty is written in Sanskrit closely in 270 AD. There is little evidence to suggest that astrological references were made even in the Mesopotamian civilization. The lunar cycle was studied and its influence on tides found out. Thus, astrology is definitely not something that has originated in the recent past; it is something that has always been around since time unknown.


All this has led to the emergence of the modern zodiac signs, daily horoscopes and problem-solving predictions. Though astrology has a different way of operation in different cultures, all of them have the same aim- to predict the root cause of the happening and to provide a reliable solution. There are a considerate amount of people who strongly believe in astrology and claim that it works charms for them. Even the newspapers have their own separate horoscope column and roughly 20-30% of the population regularly checks these columns. But for a more detailed reading, your birth chart, alignment of planets, your birth date are accounted for.

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More About Astrology

Now that we have learnt about the origin of astrology and answered our main question, who created astrology; let us dig deeper and find out more interesting concepts of astrology. A recent study has found out that among the believers of astrology, roughly 75% are women. That is why; horoscopes appear frequently in women’s magazines. This next piece of information is simply astonishing; in 1924 an astrologer upon receiving Hitler’s birth chart accurately predicted Hitler’s future saying that he would become a dictator. Hitler himself was a believer of astrology.

Most of the American Presidents turned to the stars for making difficult decisions and looks like it helped them considering they were ruling their entire nation. In 2008 and 2012, The United Astrology Conference predicted that Barak Obama would win the Presidential election and obviously it proved to be right. This panel also predicts various other events. It looks like astrologers are playing their cards right when it comes to politics!

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