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How To Choose A Career According To Astrology?


Every individual faces a dilemma in their lives regarding what career to pursue and which field will bring them prosperity and contentment. But mind you, making a career choice is not a piece of cake. There are a lot of instances where people get bored with their chosen field or they do not find it challenging enough.

This brings with it a regret of choosing the wrong career path. This regret may haunt a person for the rest of his life. At this point in life, you may encounter a lot of momentary sympathy from your relatives. This may also be accompanied by friendly suggestions from your parents. But what really matters at that point in time is to explore what you want from life in terms of a career and which career pathway best suits your needs. This is when the science of Astrology comes into the picture and extends a helping hand. Let us discuss How To Choose A Career According To Astrology?

Astrology is not mystical, as most people consider it. It simply is a practical study that provides you knowledge about what a perfect action might be at a particular point in time or what the perfect timing will be for a particular action. Talking about career, what matters in the world of professionalism in making the right choices at the right time. Astrology uses birth charts or Kundli to determine the correct timings for your move and the best opportunity that you must grab on to. The more you are sensitive to timing while acting on your decisions, the more chances of seeing favorable returns in the future.
In this article, we will look at how an individual can choose a career according to astrology.

How Does It Work?

As per the Astrology rulebook, the most influential sign in an ascendant’s horoscope determines his professional success. The career timeline of an individual is governed by an aspectual lord or the master planet that also rules this sign. Astrology can even determine a newborn’s career prospects with a rational explanation regarding professional fields that he or she could possibly choose.

Each zodiac sign consists of an element amongst the four namely, Air, Earth, Fire, and Water. These elements constitute the mind, body, and soul of an individual. The fundamental four correspond to a native’s sense of timing and the nature of the career field.

  • Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius are the air signs
  • Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo are the earth signs
  • Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries are the fire signs
  • Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio are the water signs

Each element has a certain characteristic and the one that is more dominant in the zodiac sign of individual shapes his career choice. The profession the individual chooses, be it engineering, medicine, or networking, indicates the planetary position of his zodiac sign.

How Astrology Helps You Choose You The Most Suitable Career Field?

The most common problem while making a career choice is that as soon as you graduate from college, you face an ever risking stack of career choices with lucrative perks and benefits. You face a dilemma in narrowing down your choices but you do it anyway to keep up with your peers and to survive in the competition. It only later do you realize that you have committed a mistake. How To Choose A Career According To Astrology?

Astrology is a savior for people who find themselves stuck in such circumstances. Each Kundli has twelve houses with their own significance regarding the career fields. The position of the planetary body that governs an ascendant’s professional life, in either of these houses, indicates the possible career opportunities. Astrologers determine the dominating planetary bodies and the houses they are positioned in along with a long-term retrograde.

Based on the above details, here are the different career fields for different houses. 

  • First house represents the vocational field of business.
  • Ruling planets positioned at second house suggests professional prospects in the massive field of finance or tutoring.
  • Third house indicates career related to communication. It can be media presenter, broadcast operator, digital marketing, advertising and many more.
  • Fourth house in the horoscope represents material entities. It’s mainly related to vehicle and land. This suggests a career in sale and purchase, something along the lines of real estate and mass manufacturing.
  • Fifth house belongs to people who like gambling and would speculate outcomes. Investment banking and stock trading are two prominent choices.
  • Sixth house is the house of strength. Career as a policeman or service in the armed forces seems plausible.
  • Seventh house belongs to people who like to venture in different fields along with a team. Partnership would be a better term here. Conglomerate organizations or joint business schemes is a fine career choice.
  • Eight house represents academic exploration. Career in the field of research and development sounds about right.
  • The Ninth and the Tenth house is considered to be the religious corner or the corner of authority. Natives with ruling planets positioned at this house have bright career prospect in the field of religion or politics.
  • Eleventh house represents inflow of money. A career related to handling monetary funds like banking and investment.
  • Twelfth house suggests a career related to foreign travel.
  • So, an individual’s career choice depends upon the house which is dominating in his Janam Kundali.


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