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Types of Astrology.


We are all travelling this journey of past, present and future. God created this world with laws of his own. We, as mere human beings, are nowhere near knowing them. This universe, which is created by God, is pretty complex and beyond our understanding. Our future is uncertain. We do not know what will happen to us in the very next second. But you must have observed that on several occasions our past reflects in our future. What decisions we had made then are reflecting on us now. This can either be good or bad. And their being good or bad is what matters to us the most. And it should because it is not always about us. We care about our loved ones. Their suffering makes us suffer more than them. And this crazy urge to do something for them leaves us with nothing but immense pain of failure. But this isn’t the end. We still can do something. What do you think can help us determine a little bit about our future so that we can be prepared to face it or better, make changes now so that it gets better? Astrology. This is the only thing that you need today to get out of that worried zone.

The study ‘Astrology’ is pretty deep and has a very ancient origin. There are different types of Astrology. To give you a clear idea, I’ll tell you about it in a little detail.

Before jumping anywhere else, let me tell you what astrology is?

Astrology is the study of movements of planets and other celestial bodies present in our universe and their impact on our life.

It’s not only of one kind. There are various types of astrology varying from place to place.

Vedic Astrology

This is the most ancient form of Astrology. The origin of Vedic Astrology is said to be from Vedas of Hindu Mythology. And thus, has been in practice for millions of years. It is also said that the evidence of it is still present in the ancient texts. This is the one which is mostly practised in India due to its origin and thus, also called Indian astrology.

According to it, there are 12 zodiacs, 9 planets, 12 houses, and 27+1 constellations that need to be observed to get proper details about their effect on anyone’s life.

Western Astrology

This one originated from the book “Tetrabiblos”. Today this one is the most practised form of foretelling. It works according to the birth date of a person. Each one of us knows about our sun sign. It is determined by this. It is also popularly known as sun sign astrology because the sun’s movement determines the movement of zodiacs.

Horary Astrology

The literal meaning of Horary is “of the hour”. It is a very unique type of astrology and most of you must not have ever heard of it. It’s like a questionnaire. You ask a question and you’ll get an answer in yes or no. The timing of the question plays a very important role here. The chart is prepared on the aspect of the lunar at the time at which the question was asked by the seeker.  Although the process of it seems quite difficult, it gained its popularity because of its quickness.

Chinese Astrology

You must’ve seen that black and white circular symbol with two dots in it. It’s called “Yin” and “Yang”. This is the very principle of Chinese astrology. Yin and Yang represent heaven and the earth, the lunisolar and the five elements- air, water, metal, earth, and fire. Another difference here is that every classic planet is associated with an element. Isn’t it wonderful how things can vary so widely from place to place?

Electional Astrology

Electional astrology works for events and their corresponding time. It was anciently used to plan out events for battles. Today, one may use it for planning a wedding or buying a house or a car. The presence of celestial bodies will tell you how this can vary and what might be the best time for that event to take place.

So this is all about the types of Astrology. There might be more variations in the future. But today, you can get your worries resolved on the basis of any of this.

Each one of us is worried about one thing or the other. Even after trying our best to hide this worry, we can’t help but continue to do so. We try to change the outcome but the very actions of our’s which are meant to drive something away, sometimes, are the cause of inviting them closer. How will you avoid doing this? Well, now that you know enough about astrology and types of astrology all you need to do is find a good Astrologer near you.

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