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Can Astrology Predict Death?

Each one of us, at least once, has had this weird thought about our death. How Much ever we try to avoid it, that little nightmare-type thought just pops up in our head. That’s probably because we are scared of it. Most of us are. It’s the thought of what’s going to happen after all this. What if you die in the near future and all those plans that you had are going to go in vain. It’s not only about you though. What if nothing but your family is left to pay all the loans that you had taken for some special event. Now that is not something you would like to see from up there, would you? We don’t realise the importance of our life until we do and it’s too late. That constant thought is terrifying. People think that knowing the exact time and date of our death is going to help and thus, they rely on astrology. Now, this is what we are going to discuss in this article. Can astrology predict death? Is there any way to find out about the exact moment when our life is going to end and death finally and completely consumes us? Let’s find out.

We know that everything is bound to change. Even if you predict something with respect to its pattern, any little change, which might not have been significant enough then, can bring out a huge change in the future. In chaos theory, this is known to be the butterfly effect. And this plays a very important role in determining someone’s future. One can get at most surety of the event about to happen but every moment is tentative to change. This is what happens in predicting someone’s death. Not always will it happen exactly the way it is written in your stars. That’s why it is better to know about the range of time for which your life or health might be in danger. Because that would definitely be a better option. We can be more cautious during that period rather than being cautious for a day. Gives us a better probability of our safety.

Ever thought why there was no death prediction of J. Jayalalithaa, the former chief minister of Tamil Nadu. There actually was. Some astrologers had predicted that her health is going to be pretty bad till December 5th of 2016. And guess what, she died on December 5th 2016. Why do you think this wasn’t made public? Because it is a very strong issue. And many people have different opinions on it. She was a public figure and so, by making any public comment you would’ve literally put your life in danger. And also if there would’ve been any change in the event, one might have faced a problem even then.
So, to answer the question – can astrology predict death? It can, yes. But it will in terms of your health. The stars will determine the condition of your health in a particular time period. And that is enough to take precautions. Now, where can you find such astrologers who will predict your health and are the most reliable ones in town?

Karyesh is one of India’s Best Astrological Team. Astrology is not simple. This takes years and years to learn. One such example of this is the team of astrologers at Karyesh. They trained under well-known gurus, and are highly skilled in various prediction disciplines. Hence making them India’s Best health astrologers forecast. There’s not just safety you could be concerned about. Other than the question of can astrology predict death there are various other things like career, love and relationships etc which are concerning. Some of them are listed below:

Love and relationships:

A person’s most increasing preoccupation is with his / her love life. Each of us wants to find the particular person we are ‘ going to be ‘ with or are ‘meant to be’ with. Or if we have already met someone amazing, we’re left awestruck how our relationship will work. All this must have crossed your mind. Do you want to know the answers?


In a way, to learn how to behave at various places or events. Which persona is the most powerful of yours? And which ones are putting people off?

Family and life:

Can you live with your family forever? Is it beneficial for you and your future? Or do your stars recommend you living yourself will be better for your future? How will your relationship with your family vary?

Raja yog:

Were you going to be a Queen / King? Were you destined to be? Are your stars suggesting such a thing?

Religious and Spiritual:

Should you move on to spirituality? Or would you be profane? What is going to favour you?


How far will you go with your education? Are your stars in favour of you to get the degree that you’ve always dreamed of?


Might you get married? If so, then when? And will your married life be something you expected? Would that be a good one? Or will it get packed with troubles? Find that out.


Have a look at how your wellbeing will affect your future. And if it is going to severely affect it then figure out how to prevent this from happening.

These are the few things you can consult Karyesh’s Astrologers about for the best and most reliable results. We are waiting for you here at Karyesh to support you in your troubled times. We only wish you happiness.