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Should We Believe in Astrology?




At all the different stages of life whether it may be education, career, marriage, money, or anything that makes up human life. Every time when you have faced any undying problem, you must have received advice such as “Ah! Classic Gemini problems”, or perhaps “Maybe mars is not so happy with you, you should see an astrologist” and the first question that comes to your mind would be “Are you being serious how can some gas giant in the sky affect my life in any way?” Well, today we hope to answer this very question. Today’s topic of discussion is “Should we believe in Astrology” and debunk some myths that you might have come across.


Science or Pseudo-Science


We all may be familiar with the movie “The fault in our stars”. A tale about two people who so unexpectedly fall in love but destiny had planned something completely different for them and hence, the name. However, it is not just the movie where destiny plays a role completely different from our expectations. Outside the “reel” life, in our “real” life too, we have always faced problems which have made us think what have we done so wrong to anger the heavens and face their wrath. However, as it turns out, it might not be the heavens but in fact, something much more visible and almost unbelievable at play. 

To put it simply, Astrology is a type of science that deals with the study and effect of stars and different planetary alignments on human life. Although, it may have been popularised as some kind of pseudo-science, it is simply not the case. Almost all the different religions of the world follow and practice in some or the other manner. In fact, many different practices such as Numerology, Persian and Western astrology, or even Vedic astrology all of them do follow scientific rules. Historically, only a few people practiced it and it was, considered as a sacred science. Nevertheless, as time progressed, many different people started to gain knowledge about it, and practiced it so extensively that it started to lose its true meaning. This resulted in astrology reducing to a simple commercial means of making money and hence, acquired a bad name.

For example, if we consider Vedic Astrology, then the foundations of astrophysics and mathematics in the Vedic literature repeatedly prove to be unshaken. Undoubtedly, the extensive knowledge of the Vedas on planetary motions have effectively presented their effect on human life. Vedic astrology has a treasure of knowledge defining the effects of every planet and constellation on human health, behaviour and personality.

Hope it is now clear that astrology has vast significance and it is a deep study. Vedic astrology has an in-depth study and the scientific presentation of the same. Even the 360-degree imaginary longitude lines system of western geography seems like someone copied the same from Indian Vedic study with minor changes because Vedic calendar experts are using the same latitude and longitude for thousands of years.


Should You believe in Astrology?


Well, to answer this question, we must first understand the reasons for disbelief. It is important to remember that above all else human life or any life for that matter is a journey filled with experiences. Good experiences can result in a positive effect on a person’s perspective. However, bad experiences have the ability to give rise to complete disbelief in the good too.

Many people lose faith in astrology because the “predictions” made for them do not come true. Now, one should understand three things about astrology before opting for it. First, Astrology is a NOT an accurate science, whatever it may dictate always has some error margin and how much the error can be minimised solely depends on how expertise and detail has been considered. Secondly, as discussed earlier, astrology has developed a bad name because of its use as a commercial tool to make money, and due to this, there has been a rise in a number of so-called “experts” who rip off people for their money, giving them a guarantee of 100% accurate future prediction. Thirdly, and most importantly, Astrology cannot predict your future. Yes, your read that right. In fact, no science in this entire world has attained enough knowledge and expertise to predict the future events, let alone doing it accurately. It is important to understand that, astrology is a science, which can predict the personality and behaviour of a person in a certain situation, but it cannot predict the exact accurate outcome of that action. No matter how much a science is developed or for how long it has been existing, limitations are just a natural factor that should always be, considered. In simple words, if astrology could predict future events accurately, then events such as sports and elections would not have any meaning left to them.

The purpose of astrology is not to guess the future; it is also not some kind of mystical dark art, and definitely not just some fun pastime contrary to the popular belief. It is and has always been, meant as a type of tool that can empower a person to take a decision with consciousness and avoid unnecessary and silly complications. It has the power to impart a positive attitude in a person who has lost any hope in their situations. Neither astrology, nor any astrologer can change your destiny by any means, simply because they have not made it. Only you can bring any possible change in your life; astrology can merely be a guiding hand.

Finally after knowing about the truth about astrology as a science, and the way it can help you. The question this article hopes to answer has somewhat of a dual nature and depends on the perspective from which one looks at it. For anyone with a perspective, which considers the scientific facts behind astrology and the various limitations, and benefits it has to offer, the answer seems to be a simple YES. This makes sure, that the person is safe from any blunders that can arise and have an amazing experience. However, for anyone with a perspective, which only considers the bad name the science has acquired and does not wish to understand the facts behind the science itself, the answer will always be a NO, no matter what the truth can be.




On final notes, we can only say that astrology just like any other science has its own pros and cons. The pros being the fact that if used correctly it can help a person in their life to make decisions effectively. Help him/her understand the root cause of their problems and have proper guidance for the future course of actions. To believe or not is a moral decision, as discussed earlier it all depends on the perspective. With the right perspective, the right decisions can be, made and hence, the proper benefits can be reaped. We hope that for all our readers this article has been informative and insightful. For any further information, we at Karyesh are always available to tend to all your needs. We are an astrological platform with the best astrologers from all over India to help you know more. With our foot on the ground, we are always looking into the universe for answers that you are seeking.

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