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Is Palm Reading Accurate?

Palmistry is the art of delineating the personality and future events in a person’s life through there study of the palm. This is also known by the term Chirology. The difference in interpretations of different palm lines in different parts of the world has caused palmistry to be considered a pseudoscience by academics. So is palm reading accurate? Let us find out.

But despite the disagreement in views about palmistry, it is widely practiced and believed in various parts of the world. The reason behind people not finding it trustworthy is the fact that palm reading has become an easy business to income by bluffing some wrong kind of ideas. Due to these fake palm readers, the real subject of palmistry is dying and losing its importance and impact. It is very difficult to find a try palm reader who can read it to a deeper level.

Generally it is said that the dominant hand shows our present and future. And the other hand reveals the destinies of lifetime from the one before it. So, significantly both the hands have their own predictive detailings. Palm reading also analyses the texture, shape and size of your hands and also by seeing the properties when both hands are joined in various manner.

Palm reading requires a lot of dedication and research as any other scientific exploration as it needs logical and mathematical analysis to understand the subject. Future prediction is the toughest task and needs lots of intellectual researches.

Countries where palm reading is practiced


Palmistry basically originated in India with its roots in Hindu Astrology, Chinese Yijing and Roma fortune tellers. It was a part of various civilizations like the Indus Valley, Sumeria, Persia, Babylonia and Palestine. This practice is prevalent in China, Nepal, Persia and Tibet and also in some of the European countries. The history of palm reading is also to traced to Aristotle’s ‘De Historia Animalium’ where he states how palm lines can depict aspects of a person’s inner self. This knowledge was then passed on to Alexander the Great who implemented this knowledge in both its military and diplomatic fields. As the Greek empire expanded to many parts of the world, the art of palm reading also spread its influence into India, Persia and also the Romans.

How is Palm reading useful?


Though palmistry has been a subject to criticism on a lot of forums it is largely accepted by people because of the accuracy it provides. Palm reading is not fortune telling but predictions on future events to accuracy. Though the events can change according to the situation having an idea of any misfortune that may happen beforehand surely helps people to deal with it in a much better way. Palmistry is a link to between the past, present and future. Let’s have a look at the various benefits of Palm reading:

  • It helps to solve many mysteries with past and present life. It provides a different perspective to look at different problems of life.
  • Palm reading helps people discover new interests and possibilities. It also initiates a creative side to a person’s personality.
  • As palm reading gives a insight to our future it helps to take better decisions on career, relationships, family and friends.
  • People are usually a bit unaware and sometimes underconfident while taking a new step in life. So palm reading helps them build confidence in what they do which is highly essential while doing something new.
  • An expert palm reader provides much accurate analysis on a person’s problems and dilemmas. It helps the person to understand themselves much better.
  • Palm reading also helps people understand their strengths and weaknesses which in turn helps people to focus on their improvement and nourish their personalities.
  •  Palm reading helps people find purpose to their lifes and gives a positive outlook towards their life and problems.

We know that palm lines deepen and change in the course of one’s lifetime and new lines may also appear. But the basic palm lines that are the life, fate, heart and head mostly remain the same and are quite easily read irrespective of the age of the person. But it is said that your karma is reflected in your palm lines and your palm lines are the reflection of your karmas.

Palm reading is mostly apprehended but if the reading is done accurately it can give exact results of what can happen in a lifetime. As we all know precaution is better than cure, so it is always good to use the option that helps us have a knowledge of what may happen in our future. This can help us to be well prepared to face challenges as they come with better understanding.

Finally, it can be concluded that you are the one who has complete control of your life. And your powerful hands carry the accurate maps to guide through your life journey by helping you in making choices and avoiding problems.

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