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Education Astrology

Astrology is a scientific approach to the study of celestial objects and how their positions may affect human activities. It is said that the relative positions of specific planets on the birth of an individual determine the whole course of life of an individual like education, romance, economic ventures, etc. There are three types of astrology. First comes the mundane astrology which is used to examine world issues and events so that we could know the future national affairs, economy, and wars. Second is the interrogatory astrology which seeks to make specific predictions about the subject’s events in life. Last, we have natal astrology which is the simplest form of astrology. It is based on the date of a person’s birth. It is sometimes known as the law of beginnings. With the advent of this ancient science, we can also determine the education astrology of the subject. It helps to know the future qualifications of the subject. 

Education is determined mainly by four houses, that is, 2nd house,4th house, 5th house and 9th house. The position of the planet, the Lord of the house and the concerned house should be in a favourable position. This is the only prerequisite for a good former education. Different plants uphold the different stream of knowledge, for example, Saturn represents history, Mercury represents accounting or finance related studying.

Now we will discuss the respective houses individually. The 2nd house is mainly the flag-bearer of the former education of a person. If there is any diabolic influence from some planet on this house, the person would experience gross difficulties in attaining a satisfactory former education. This would lead to a break in education. Planets like Saturn and Rahu create  complications and difficult situations during that time. Any ‘Dusthana’ house presence in the house gives trouble according to ‘karakatwa’ of the particular house and lord.

The 4th house plays a significant role in making education predictions. This house represents mental power and grasping skills of an individual. As long as this house and its Lord are under the favourable control of planets, the individual would possess strong grasping strength and he/she would perform well in academics. Therefore, the power of this house is very important for keeping a stable mind. If the house or the assigned Lord comes under bad influence of the planet, the individual suffers immensely. The person loses his/her concentration power and soon develops an unstable mind. This leads to academic sufferings and hence, poor results. 

The 5th house together with the 4th house determines the same grasping power and analytical skills of an individual. The strength of both the houses and their respective Lords would predict whether the individual can grasp anything quickly or not. It also determines the future of the native to pass high-school and pursue any degree. 

Finally the 9th house represents higher education. It predicts whether the individual will pursue his/her studies beyond his/her bachelor’s degree. It is the house of higher education in astrology. Planets which uphold the state of higher education in an individual’s life are Jupiter and mercury. 

There is an additional house in astrology for the determination of education, that is , the 8th house. This house doesn’t include the conventional form of education but incorporates the research oriented study or any occult(any kind of secret education).

In astrology, Jupiter is considered the guru or the significator of education and knowledge. When this knowledge giver Guru is placed in Trine (1st, 5th, 9th) or angle (1st, 4th, 7th, 10th) with the owner of the fifth or fourth house, it brings good results in the matter of education or studies.

Mercury denotes intelligence. So to bring out the best results, it should be well placed in the birth chart along with jupiter which would synergistically benefit. 

Saturn represents the combination of earth and air. This area belongs to the slowest moving planets which are mines, petroleum,leather, minerals etc.

Planets always have their own effect on each native in education choices & make them capable to grasp them. If the 2nd and 5th house of the horoscope is badly influenced or affected so there will be problems in education, the education may be little or fully devoid of.

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