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Best Astrologer for Marriage Prediction

Love, relationships and marriages

Love is an important ideal in our lives. Finding a partner who understands us, stays by our side and bear with us is very difficult. We often get attracted to natives of the opposite gender and get into relationships, these short-term or long-term relationships play a vital role in knowing what kind of a person we become after coming out of it or during it. We often hear about breakups and patch-ups too because of not being able to find the ideal one. The moment we tend to accept the permanency of a relationship, things start falling apart. This happens because most of us are afraid of commitments.

Marriage, on the other hand, is a lifelong commitment to stay together. It is given high importance everywhere and is considered to be an auspicious ceremony in all different religions. 
Marriage is the phase of life when even a non-believer would turn into a believer of Marriage prediction and astrology. Considering the problems that one might come across after marriage, anyone would seek any kind of help or guidance to live a smoother and a successfully married life.

Marriage Prediction

Since marriages are an integral part of our lives, we take every step very thoughtfully and cautiously, the first step being marriage prediction through Kundli matching. It is believed that guru Vashishta also matched lord Ram and Sita’s kundlis before their marriage. Hence, this ancient tradition is still followed, majorly among the Hindus.
In India, especially in the Hindu religion, a marriage is considered to be a sacred bonding not only between two souls but between two families in its entirety, that is meant to last for a lifetime. So it becomes very important to check every possible aspect of making it a successful marriage.

A successful marriage includes everything from the starting of your discussions of marriage, choice of a spouse to a prosperous life after marriage. Bearing all this in mind, people take the help of Vedic astrology in marriage prediction to check the compatibility of a couple before marriage through Kundli matching. Astrologers can help in marriage prediction by date of birth, time of marriage, compatibility etc. They also help to let us know about our lives after a particular relationship or marriage.This throws insight about the how the Ascendants and Nakshatras in the horoscopes of the bride and the groom could influence their marriage.There are 36 gunas that need to be tested for matching the compatibility in all aspects. Mental and physical factors include nature, attitude, temper, interests,behaviour, physical attraction and desirability.Marriages are often fixed by the pandits based on this compatibility and only after a thorough analysis of the Kundlis or the birth-charts.
This art predicts the overall compatibility of a coupleby using eight tests which basically generates a report card of an individual in the eight subjects believed to cover all the aspects of a marriage. This report card marks an individual out of a total of 36 points. More the points are, more are the chances of a successful marriage.Mostly, human efforts plus a bit of astrological prediction would surely help to make the journey smoother.

How can astrology benefit in marriage prediction?

Astrology is a scientific subject allowing to peep into people’s lives, know their problems and design a solution. The same applies for marriage prediction.
Specifically, astrology helps in:

  • Predicting the nature of one’s marriage.
  • Predicting the number of marriages.
  • Suggesting the right compatible partner for marriage.
  • Warningone about his/her shortcomings in marriage.
  • Diagnosing whether marriage will sustain long or a divorce will happen.
  • Predicting the number of children.
  • Suggesting many things about one’s spouse.

Why Karyesh?

Karyesh is an astrological platform, constituting of more than 10 highly-skilled members, created and curated by Mr. Kushal Agarwal, the best astrologer in Kolkata. It was due to his interests, dedication and belief in the field that has made Karyesh the best astrological platform not only in Kolkata but across India.
They believe in concentrating on the quality of work rather than the quantity and provide accurate and realistic remedies for all problems.Not only do they carry their legacy of Vedic astrology but also follow the Western Astrology. Thus providing services to cater to the requirements of each and every client from any part of the world.
For marriage predictions,under the guidance of Mr Kushal Agarwal the team specializes in:

  • Predicting the love life of a client
  • Compatibility between couples
  • Predicting the kind of marriage: Arranged or Love marriage
  • Diagnosing whether married life is good for your career?
  • Predicting family life post marriage

Karyesh guarantees you:

Accurate and genuine results, thorough research and prediction for each client and ensuring no mistakes occur while making predictions
Apart from marriage prediction Karyesh provides a variety of other services related to wealth and finance, education, career: job, business, profession,children, yogas , doshas and full birth chart analysis too.
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