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Raj Yogas Simplified

All of us want to believe that we have some special planetary combinations in our charts that will confer upon us a royal status. However, astrology is not so simple.

Let us try to understand this in an easy way.

Situation A:

You play the lottery, win huge prize money and then keep waiting till your kids grow up so that you can fund their education. You are satisfied that everyone’s life is secured. However, just when you are about to withdraw that money, you notice that you can’t find your debit card! The bank is on a strike and it will be months before you will be able to withdraw your money, your own money!

The situation sure is imaginative but real life is funny. One encounters situations which are beyond ones control. One cannot believe ones luck and life kicks you where it hurts the most. You start suspecting astrology, astrologers and most importantly Raja Yogas. You suddenly no longer feel special.

The situation above can be interpreted in astrological terms as shown below:

There are several planetary combinations which can result in Raj Yogas. When you have one or more of such Raj Yogas in your birth chart or D1, we say that there is promise in your birth chart. However, in order to truly derive the benefit from the promise in your birth chart, you must be running the Dasha of the planets causing the Raj Yogas. Furthermore, when you finally get the debit card from the bank, i.e., you start running the Dasha of the planets which are destined to bestow upon you a king like status, you must have in possession your debit card pin!

In other words, in order to enjoy the huge benefits of Raj Yoga, three conditions must be fulfilled:

  1. Promise or potential in your birth chart
  2. Dasha or period of planets causing Raj Yoga in your birth chart
  3. Ingress or transit of planets that have the potential to TRIGGERRaj Yoga in your life

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