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Mahadasha of Saturn

Hello people. Today we are going to discuss the Mahadasha of Saturn. But before we do that, a few basics!

Saturn, a beautiful planet with exquisite rings of gas surrounding it. That is astronomy for you.

Astrologically however, Saturn or Shani is a natural malefic planet.

To understand Saturn one must acknowledge the fact that it is a limiting planet. It limits the results of the house it sits in. Its effects are slow and it makes you put in a lot of efforts before you can reap the benefits. It is a hard task master. It is the karaka or significator of hard work, labour, anything that is old, slow, dull and a lot many other things.

Saturn rules two signs of the zodiac – Capricorn (Makar) and Aquarius (Kumbh). Kumbh is the mooltrikona sign of Saturn. Kumbh or Aquarius is also the ascendant Rashi of the greatest Indian actor of all time, Shri Amitabh Bachchan. If you do not know what your ascendant rashiis, please check out the link below and approach me for a consultation!

Saturn entered the zodiac sign of Capricorn or Makar on Jan 24, 2020. It will be spending roughly 2.5 years in this rashi inclusive of its forward and retrograde motion. This will of course produce different effects for different individuals depending on your lagna or ascendant. Whether it will produce terrible results or bestow upon you the great riches and bring glory, all depends on a lot of things – natal position in the birth chart, combustion, conjunction, et al.

The VimshottariMahadasha of Saturn runs for 19 years in one’s life. To truly understand the good or bad effects, many things need to be taken into consideration. You may have a debilitated Saturn in your D1 chart or your birth chart, but if it gets exalted in the D9 chart or the Navamsha chart, it can potentially give you excellent results.Basically, many factors need to be taken into consideration – position (P), conjunction (C), aspect (A), exchange (E) or (PACE), degrees, shadbala, point of the Kakshya lord ascertained through the ashtakvarga system, phew! The list is long and the task is not easy.

Generally speaking, Saturn or Shani Dev gives good results during its Mahadasha if it is well positioned in the birth chart. It ‘probably’will give good results if,

  • Saturn is your Lagna lord
  • Saturn is placed in the upcahaya houses
  • Saturn is yoga karaka
  • Saturn is exalted
  • Saturn is in its own sign in your birth chart
  • Saturn is in a friendly sign in your birth chart
  • Saturn receives benefic aspects
  • The Mahadasha period starts after 36 years of your life

So what are some of these good effects?

According to BrihatParashar Hora Shastra, if the above conditions are met, then the following ‘could’ be some of the good effects during the Mahadasha of Saturn:

  • recognition by Government,
  • opulence and glory,
  • name and fame,
  • success in the educational sphere,
  • acquisition of conveyances and ornaments etc.,
  • gain of wealth ,
  • favours from Government,
  • attainment of a high position,
  • like Commander of an Army,
  • acquisition of a kingdom,
  • benevolence of goddess Lakshmi,
  • gain of property
  • and birth of children.

However, if Shani is debilitated, combust and ShatruRashi (enemy sign), the following ‘could’  be some of the bad effects during the Mahadasha of Saturn:

  • ill-effects from poison,
  • injury from weapons,
  • separation from father,
  • distress to wife and children,
  • disaster,
  • as a result of the displeasure of Government, imprisonment etc.

The best way to reduce the ill effects of a strong natural malefic, Saturn, especially during the Mahadasha of Saturn is to pray to Lord Hanuman and to Lord Shiva and recite the MahaMrityunjayJaap. If Shani Dev has been troubling you, I could attempt to alleviate the condition! To know more about remedial measures suitable and tailor-made for your birth chart, check out Karyesh which is the best astrological consultancy in Kolkata.