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Influence Of Sun Transit in Sagittarius on Other Houses


Before diving into the whole explanation of the Sun transit in Sagittarius, it is imperative to understand what Sun transit in astrology means? The transition of the planet Sun, from one zodiac sign to another is known as Sun Transit. It is the movement of the Sun across the sky with it rising a little bit on the east or west as compared to the previous day. Through this blog, you will get to know about the Influence Of Sun Transit in Sagittarius.

The Sun spends almost a month in each sign before it jumps onto and transit into the next. Thus, it takes one complete circle in a span on of 1 year, i.e., 12 months to travel through all the zodiac signs. And so, its transit over houses becomes a significant factor for prediction of favourable results. These houses tend to be highly relevant as they illuminate the conditions surrounding an individuals natal (birth) planet that has possible effects on the population in general.

Probable Result Of Sun Transit in Sagittarius.


Every house has a particular set of traits (representing something unique)which begins from the self and then, later on, expand to the society and beyond. Thus, whenever a particular celestial body reaches a house, they light up a specificpart of one’s chart and heighten the traits of the house.

Sun Transit in Sagittarius.


Sun transit in Sagittarius will take place on Tuesday night on December 15th at 9:19 PM. The Sun will enter into its friendly planet Jupiter’s ruled Zodiac sign Sagittarius. As both belong to the fire element, this interconnection will help in bringing natives prosperity and happiness.

Here, we will look at the impact that the sun transit in Sagittarius might have on each house ruled by different zodiac signs.

  • 1st House ( Aries)

Sun transit in Sagittarius is going to get mixed result for natives of Aries. Despite a rise in honour and reputation, there will be constant ups and downs in career. However, things might remain in favour leading to tremendous outcomes like financial stability. They will also get good results in education and enjoy every comfort in life for the time being.There will be a rise in social prestige but also a need to take care of one’s health with utmost diligence.

  • 2nd House ( Taurus)

There is a high chance that this transit might be difficult for some. Thus, there is a need to keep your anger under control. Being attentive to solve all the problems by taking the right steps is also necessary. This transit, however, may lead to a decline in income, health and prosperity with a rise in stress and family expenses. Therefore, to enjoy the perks of your hard work, you must stay away from trouble.

  • 3rd House (Gemini)

There is a probability of facing unfavourable situations, so, this transit might produce mixed results. Though you may be financially stable, there might be some unexpected expenses on the way like health issues. Furthermore, there is a need to keep your emotions in a check by not going overboard and having self-control, to solve all problems that come your way.  So, it better to focus on work to achieve profitable results and stay away from social gathering as it might lead to unforeseen situations.

  • 4th house ( Cancer)

This transit will reap you fruitful outcomes for the effort you put in your work despite intense competition. Though, there might be a rise in family issues mainly due to limited income. Thus, you need to plan your budget and ensure that your health is in good condition to maintain a steady lifestyle.

  • 5th House (Leo)

This transit may bring varied outcomes for Leo’s. There will be a rise in income and your connection with influential people despite lack of willpower and other distractions. You might get in a dispute with your family or colleagues so, it is best to stay calm and not use abusive words. Furthermore, refrain from making any extreme financial transaction and take care of your and your child’s physical health by focussing on fitness goals.

  • 6th House (Virgo)

After struggling a lot, you’ll find success and financial stability. However, there might be stress due to health issues in your family. There is a need to ensure that your work pays off or all your efforts might go in vain.

  • 7th House (Libra)

This transit might bring a lot of turning points. You will be able to increase your income level due to hard work and efforts. However, there will be a problem in maintaining a balance between professional and personal life. Your social image might get strengthened, yet,the possibility of strained sibling and spouse relationships may rise. Thus, you may need to be logical before taking decisions.

  • 8th House (Scorpio)

There is an urge to take calculated risks for people in this zodiac. There might be wealth gain but with the possibility of facing unforeseen expenses. Also, you might face disputes with your family and become low in terms of health.

  • 9th House (Sagittarius)

This transit may bring an increase in popularity and respect from society. Further, you might experience ego and temperament issue that might lead to disputes with your loved ones. However, in professional terms, you will face favourable results. There also might be a need to maintain distance from mean friends and pay attention to everyone’s intention to avoid frauds.

  • 10 House (Capricorn)

This transit might prove to be detrimental to your health, financial condition and prosperity. However, this may increase your courage. There is a need to maintain distance from certain people and plan your budget accordingly to avoid any hassle.

  • 11th House (Aquarius)

There might be an increase in financial condition, competition from colleagues and business. Thus, you’ll prosper both socially and professionally, but this might lead to strained love life and difference of opinions. This transit will motivate you to work hard and be patient to achieve the fruits later.

  • 12th house (Pieces)

This transit in Sagittarius may provide you with support from your family and an increase in professional success. So, it is necessary to remain dedicated, avoid distractions, take care of your loved ones and avoid emotional issues to prevent any harm that may come your way. Also, take calculated decisions in your work front to escape losses. This was an insightful blog about the Influence Of Sun Transit In Sagittarius.

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Therefore, by looking into the Influence of Sun transit in Sagittarius, we can specifically have an idea about our near future. By showing ways to resolve and improve the issues that might comein our path, it helps one in discovering their inner world from a new light and take calculated decisions.