Career is a very important path of our lives. From a very tender age we are made to choose some profession. All of us once wished to become pilots, astronauts, models, doctors etc. But the important point is, did we become what we aspired to.


Education is a necessary learning process which helps us to become successful. Education is a blessing but comes with a cost. Some people can afford the best possible education and people who cannot get inside an educational institution.


Money, nowadays, is very important for leading a sustained life. All of us work day and night just to earn enough to provide a better life for our family and/or us. We seek education, specialize in our interest area and face reality.

Yoga & Doshas

Have you ever looked at your palms? So many lines crossing each other make us curious about what they mean. Some believe that they are just basic body demarcations whereas some extract meaning out of it.