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Can We Change Our Destiny With Astrology?

Astrology is the science that deals with the alignment of stars, planets and other celestial objects at the time of the birth of an individual, to fundamentally claim their influence on human behaviour, personality, relationships, career and fate. During the course of an entire life span, each individual is exerted on some influence, differently, through ethereal vibrations caused by the planetary movements and placement at the time of birth.

Our horoscope is what provides all such information about an individual’s destiny, determined by their past and present cosmic condition. A thorough and meticulous astrological scrutiny can, in fact, reveal a lot about the past life of a person, current events of the present and many things about the next birth of the person. This brings us to the only concern we are left with, now that we are aware of our consequences- Can we change our destiny with astrology?

We are already aware of the words destiny or fate, as the events that will necessarily happen in the future because of some hidden power in the universe. We have also heard about Karma– a Buddhist spiritual belief that says- the results of our intent or deeds committed in the previous grounds of existence are ought to reflect in the future life of an individual. Accordingly, we are also born with a certain karmic result attached to us, which exhibits the ‘causal relationship’ or correlation of our past actions and their future effects. We are bound by ‘our’ own karma, in a sense that it is a chain of intent and cause. In short, there is a karmic balance in the universe that makes our destiny a ‘default setting’ in our lives. Hence, Astrology and its measures can only guide us in achieving our destiny or assist in limiting its rigid impact on our lives but cannot change our destiny completely.


How Can Astrology Help?


The use of astrology can be both as a preventive measure and a remedial measure to reorient and improve the effects of the destiny of a person, in his present life. The outcome may be changed or amended through sincere adaptation of spiritual knowledge, in behavioural aspects or generally in life. There are certain astrology-based measures that need to be followed as well as healing stones are also offered in order to provide them with a better and happier life. So the question is- Can We Change Our Destiny With Astrology?

However, everything in life can not be predetermined or predestined by god’s will. This brings in light the existence of free will which acts as the primary force that drives the change in one’s destiny and fate, only to an extent. Presence of our own thoughts, desires, wishes and wants that take birth due to our vast experiences in the ‘present’ life, corroborate the existence of a freewill working in us. Hence, the fair answer to the question- “can we change our destiny with astrology?” would be- yes! But only to a certain degree; within limitations.

The traditional Hindu system of Astrology known as ‘Jyotishya’ or ‘Jyotirvidya’ and more recently known as the Vedic Astrology is an elaborate and accurate study of immense potential and great possibilities of making the lives of people happier and free of problems associated to career or other prospects. Vedic astrology is best believed to be able to offer solutions, preventive measures, advice and guidance for transforming one’s gloomy life into a bright and prosperous one, and also to protect from bad fortune coming their way- all based on the natal chart or horoscope of the individual.

A natal chart, also called the birth chart is a part of astrology that contains the time, date and place of your birth to denote the position of planets around the sun, at that very moment of your birth. Based on the concept that an individual’s path of life can be determined by forming a birth chart, it has been an important part of Hindu culture.

All the information revealed by the birth chart unfolds knowledge about the present and future of life that are to be discovered through various different stages of life. Specific Zodiac Sign is assigned to an individual based on the month, location and time of birth along with the nature of every planet in the chart. It must be noted that the contents of the birth chart depends precisely on each and every factor included, and that if another person is born at the same time, but in a different place of the world, the information is supposed to be different in each case.

The karma can be divided into many categories, but we will only talk about the ones based on karmaphal– the Karma that is being enjoyed at present in the form of fate or destiny inherited from the previous birth. According to this theory, Karma can be broadly divided into the following three categories – Dridha karmas, Adridha karmas and the Dridha-Adridha karmas.

The effects of Dridha karmas are fixed and cannot be unaltered through astrological measures. They are thus actions that are destined to happen. In case of good and bad karmas both, the astrologer can predict when the consequences arrive. However, he cannot change, prevent or intensify the bad or good situations you are in.

In case of the Adridha karmas, an astrologer has the most vital role in predicting the occurrences and ultimately changing the misfortunes or sufferings to favourable experiences in life. This can also be done by exercising freewill and by adapting the remedial measures suggested by astrologers.

Dridha-Adridha karma in your birth chart assures you can only get partial support from any astrologer for this. Both karmas are mixed which means it is difficult to tell if destiny will prevail or your freewill. An astrologer may offer astrological remedies, healing gemstones or wise advice and suggestions to guide you towards the light. While you cannot repudiate your destiny and its effects and must not try to change it, your constructive and positive freewill can be very useful to you in furthering your life in a better path.


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