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Can Astrology Predictions Go Wrong?

Astrology has always been a fascinating concept. It fulfills one of the most wished desires of humans that is to predict their futures and thus act according to it. Would you ever miss out on a chance to know what your future holds? Or to understand the reason behind your current experiences in life? Or to find out the solutions to the problems that never seem to leave you back? You wouldn’t, right? That is why astrology is your answer. With astrology, you can find solutions to your most dreaded problems and thus redirect your path in life. But, you might have a question; ‘Are astrology predictions completely accurate?’ this is a perfectly valid question. That is why; we are here today to answer your question of ‘Can astrology predictions go wrong’? We will analyze in detail what astrology is all about.  

What Is Astrology In The First Place?


Let us first understand what astrology is and why is it so popular. Astrology is the study of the influence of the movements of the celestial bodies and planets on the human life. An astrologer, who is proficient in the field of astrology, studies these movements of the planets and determines their affect on the life events of an individual.

Astrology is quite popular especially in India. In India, people usually consult astrologers before setting a date for marriage, baby showers, housewarming festivals, or when they become victims to prolonged stress and tension. Hence, it can be said with confidence that astrology is what people turn to for fixing their unfortune. Believers in astrology can be found all over the world. Many of these believers say that the predictions given by an astrologer are mostly accurate and that it has resulted in their well being. This probably might make you wonder about the accuracy of these predictions and leads us to our main question, “Can astrology predictions go wrong?” Read ahead to find out!

Can Astrology Predictions Go Wrong?


A large percentage of our population believes in astrology and also says that these predictions have often proved to be precise for them. Now, this is true in most of the cases where the astrologer is experienced and proficient in the field of astrology. Most of these predictions are usually right as they are carried out with utmost attention and by astrologers who have immense knowledge in the field of astrology. Therefore, there is little chance of these predictions going wrong. However, there is a reason as to why the predictions are called ‘predictions’ and not facts.

By definition, a prediction is a forecast of an action that is likely to happen, keyword being likely. So yes, sometimes these predictions can go wrong just as how occasionally the weather forecast goes wrong. But that doesn’t mean that we completely stop believing in weather forecasts. Almost all of the times, these predictions come true and provide the needed solutions. Almost about 80-85% of Indians believe in astrology, thus showcasing the high level of accuracy of these predictions. At the end of the day, the chances of a prediction coming true depend upon the expertise of the astrologer predicting these events. So don’t you worry, the predictions are mostly true to their nature and will 99 percent of the time provide you with the right answers. That is why, it is important to choose the right astrologer with the necessary experience.

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This has answered our question that sometimes although astrological predictions might go wrong, it is mostly not the case with expert astrologers as their predictions are right at almost all times. But what makes us human is the possibility of making errors. Therefore if in any case, a prediction goes wrong, one should not frown upon the astrologer. This is the answer to the most asked question about astrology.

Astrology is based upon birth charts and the alignment of planets and the cosmic events. Horoscopes are also a part of astrology which is based on the 12 zodiac signs. You might have gone through your horoscope in newspapers, news articles or on your phone. These are also based on predictions. Astrology has been in use since thousands of years, and certain principles of astrology may vary between different cultures and traditions.

However, the core aim of all the different kinds of study of astrology is the same; to provide people efficient solutions find out the reason behind their experiences and better them in life. That is why astrology is so popular today as it proved to be helpful to a lot of people. Hence, visit our website to contact the best astrologer in Kolkata- Kushal Agarwal. We ensure guaranteed results and offer the best consultation experience. We help you to find out who you truly are! Find us at

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