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Can Astrology Predict Our Health Problems?

Astrology, kind of divination that includes the gauging of natural and human occasions through the perception and understanding of the fixed stars, the Sun, the Moon, and the planets. Enthusiasts accept that a comprehension of the impact of the planets and stars on natural undertakings permits them to both anticipate and influence the fates of people, gatherings, and countries.

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Astrology- a technique.

Astrology is a technique for foreseeing ordinary occasions dependent on the understanding that the heavenly bodies—especially the planets and the stars considered in their discretionary blends or designs (called heavenly bodies), here and there either decide or demonstrate changes in the sublunar world. The hypothetical reason for this presumption lies verifiably in the Hellenistic way of thinking and profoundly recognizes Astrology from the heavenly signs that were first classified and indexed in antiquated Mesopotamia. Initially, astrologers assumed a geocentric universe in which the “planets” (counting the Sun and Moon) spin in circles whose focuses are at or close to the focal point of the Earth and in which the stars are fixed upon a circle with a limited range whose middle is additionally the focal point of the Earth. Later the standards of Aristotelian physical science were embraced, as indicated by which there is a flat-out division between the endless, round movements of the magnificent component and the restricted, straight movements of the four sublunar components: fire, air, water, earth.


Astrology can foresee medical conditions or wounds before their real appearance in the human body. This is conceivable because, in soothsaying, the circles of human existence are constrained by the 12 houses and when terrible planets sway awful houses, medical conditions and wounds can happen. Soothsaying is exceptionally underestimated. It even assists you with picking a lifelong way.

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We trust in the convictions of our progenitors and practice Vedic Astrology. It fills us with satisfaction to convey down the tradition of our predecessors. Passing them to new ages fills us with trust and acceptance that each cloud has a silver coating. In addition to the fact that we carry our inheritance follow Western Astrology. We enhance our administrations to oblige the prerequisite of every single customer we have from any piece of the world. We give life expectations by your date, time, and spot of birth. We are only a summon, giving mysterious conferences via telephone in instances of bother.

Planets and their impact

These malevolent planets apply their awful effect on an individual’s wellbeing. The great planets, then again, can help an individual who experiences medical issues or wounds to mend quicker. Nonetheless, every one of the planets, positive or negative, in addition to the sun and the moon can gravely affect an individual’s wellbeing. To foresee medical conditions and wounds, individuals need to comprehend when the planets can affect an individual’s body, what are the houses and what medical issues they are liable for, and which part of the human body a planet can affect.

When is health affected?

Before referencing when planets can affect an individual’s wellbeing, we need to know the terrible planets since their malefic impact can cause various medical conditions and wounds. These and the remainder of the planets can mess wellbeing up and wounds when: a planet gets terrible perspectives, like resistance or square. The terrible planets (Rahu, Kethu, Uranus, Pluto, Neptune, and Saturn) are situated in awful houses – the sixth house thought about the spot of sickness, the eighth house considered the spot of life span and the twelfth house thought about the spot of death.

The Connection Between Houses and Health

The First Astrological house is liable for the body all in all yet additionally for the face. The subsequent house is liable for teeth, throat, larynx, neck, right eye, cerebellum, and nerves. The third house is liable for the correct ear, collar, shoulders, lungs, breath, blood, and the hands and their bones. The fourth house is liable for the last phase of life, the chest, bosoms, ribs, stomach, and stomach-related framework when all is said in done. The fifth house is answerable for the heart, spinal string, and brain. The 6th house is answerable for kidneys, inside, digestive organs, and stomach. The seventh house is answerable for the maritime pit, skin, and midsection area. The eighth house is liable for sexual organs, the urinary framework, the pelvic bones, and the rear-end. The 10th house is answerable for the blood vessel framework, the hips, thighs, and nerves. The 10th house is answerable for knees, joint, hams and different bones. The 11th house is liable for legs, lower legs, blood course and the left ear. The twelfth house is liable for feet, toes, lymphatic framework, and the left eye.