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All About Pisces

Pisces is the 12th and last sign of the zodiac calendar. It is a water sign like Scorpio and Cancer, represented by a pair of fish. Neptune and Jupiter rule Pisces. They are one of the most empathetic of all the zodiac signs. They are known for their kind and benevolent nature. Let’s know all about Pisces, their positive and negative personality traits etc.

Positive Characteristics of Pisces

Pisceans are very creative

The most admirable quality about Pisces men and women are that they are superlatively creative. They are the most artistic set of people who frequently use their vivid imaginations in their professional and personal lives. Pisceans will excel in the field of art, music and writing. They are not restricted by logic and tap into their creativity to explore and open new doors of new and enticing things. For this standpoint, their ideas often seem quixotic and impractical to others, but they possess a realistic approach to execute their creative visions.

Pisceans are empathetic and good listeners

Pisces people are empathetic, benign and of a munificent nature. They have genuine and caring heart. When they care about someone, they actually mean it and try to help their friends and close ones to the best of their capabilities. They are very good listeners. They listen to people’s problems and give them real and authentic solutions. Pisceans are very much in sync with other people’s emotions and can notice changes in their behaviour and moods. They are very sensitive and sensible beings. Protecting their friends and families is natural to them.

Pisceans are very generous

Putting other people’s needs above theirs is not uncommon for Pisceans. They are selfless and soft bunch of people who are as gentle as a lamb. They do all that is possible to keep people around them happy. Even if the happiness of a person comes at the expense of their happiness, Pisceans will do it.

Negative Characteristics of Pisces

Alongside their innumerable positive qualities and affable traits, Pisceans do have their weaknesses as well.

Pisceans are overtly emotional

The strong emotional powers of the Pisceans make them unique and relatable creatures. At the same time, it has a flipside too which makes them emotionally weak and vulnerable. Pisceans often find themselves emotionally distraught and unstable. They find themselves cheated and an easy target in an insensitive and cruel world. People take advantage of their kindness. This makes them emotionally closed off and moody. If they are in a foul mood, it can take hours and at times, days for them to come out of it.

Pisceans trust too easily

Pisceans are idealistic, trustworthy and of high moral fibre and values. Pisces born people expect the same from others which becomes a cause of worry because the world isn’t as ideal as the Piscean. They are heartbroken when they face treachery, betrayal and hoax. They at times, take time to accept the harsh realities of life because they are dreamers. Pisceans have an optimistic mindset which helps them in circumventing these difficulties.

Pisceans become emotionally damaged

Because of the rough and traumatic experiences of life, Pisceans often become emotionally damaged and closed off. They feel that they are always misunderstood. Pieces feel that they are not treated as good as they treat others. They cannot stand fake and hypocritical people. In order to ensure their mental and emotional peace, they become closed off.


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