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Top Astrologer in Kolkata

India's history of astrology can be traced back to the Vedic period, long before astrologers were born in any other part of the world. In Sanskrit, it is called Jyotish, meaning light, heavenly body. The Top Astrologer in Kolkata offers the best advice to his clients.

Astrology can guide people to choose the right path and to make better decisions. It believes the position of the planets and stars affect the events of the earth. Every individual's mood, environment, personality, choices are affected by the heavenly body. Top Astrologer in Kolkata can come to your rescue.

Even in today's world, when people feel they have lost their path, they look up to the stars for guidance because it's all written in the stars. But getting a good astrologer to guide you is a problem we all face. Almost every other person seems to know about astrology and without in-depth knowledge will misguide you. You can visit the Top Astrologer in Kolkata

Karyesh was created by Mr Kushal Agarwal who is a Top Astrologer in Kolkata and has some of the top astrologers in the city. The astrologers are educated and have years of experience. Our astrologers make predictions not just based on their intuition but after thorough calculations referring to your birth chart. Unlike other astrologers, we don't provide you with magical solutions to your problems and assure you an obstacle-free life. Mr Kushal Agarwal is a Top Astrologer in Kolkata interest, belief has made Karyesh the best astrological platform, not only in Kolkata but also in India.

Our astrologers take pride in following the principles of Vedic Astrology. We also follow Western astrology. Our services are designed to cater to clients from every part of the world. The main difference between the two is they use two different systems of calculation to divide the twelve constellations in a year.

We offer the following services to our clients –

Full Birth Chart Analysis -

The birth chart of a person is prepared by knowing the date, place, and time of the birth of a person. We can make an accurate birth chart for you and provide you with a reading.

Marriage and Relationships

To remain in a healthy happy relationship is an issue we all face at some point in our life. Marriages falling apart, friends growing apart, broken relationships between siblings - these are some issues every family has to go through. We predict the compatibility between you and your partner, the issues you will face with your family.


To have a successful career is what everybody wants. We offer you advice on which career path would be rewarding for you or whether you will become successful in a certain field or what are the chances for you to crack a particular interview.


Do you know the lines in your palm change? Palmistry is the oldest branch of astrology. Astrologers predict your future by looking at the intricate lines in your palm. There are so many lines and each of them has a certain meaning.


When a health condition worsens, or you have a persisting chronic illness, you can turn to us to know the reason behind the illness. We also offer you solutions that will make you deal with the problem at hand.


We help you determine your dosha and how to get rid of it. We study your birth chart and analyse the presence of doshas in your life.

Prashna Jyotish

Humans tend to ask too many 'why.' We are curious and looking to find answers to everything from whether aliens exist to whether we will get the next promotion. Through prashna jyotish, you can ask us anything that is troubling you and we will give accurate answers.

Wealth and Finances -

Money is essential to leading a comfortable life. We often go through financial crunches. We offer you easy remedies that will help you overcome this phase. We also predict whether you will inherit a large sum of money, or lose any.

You should consult an astrologer for he will help you do a SWOT analysis of your life. He will identify your strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats in life. He will guide you accordingly then with effective and objective solutions.

Karyesh should be your one-stop solution to all astrological needs. We trace the root of the problem and explain it to you. We help you understand why you are going through a certain phase, how long you will go through it. We provide easy and realistic solutions to your problems. Our packages are designed to suit everyone, they are affordable. With us, you have to wait for months to see effective results. We don't promise overnight results.

We want you to live a healthy, happy, successful life. We abstain from making wrong predictions, after all, it's your future we are dealing with. Astrology is not just fortune-telling, it helps you have full control over your life. Believe in us and look at how we can turn your life over. Visit karyesh.com to book an appointment with us today and get your life back on track.