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Kushal Agarwal – The Best Indian Astrologer

Indians' belief in astrology is not just limited to getting a birth chart done and knowing the horoscope. Indians seek the help of astrologers at every step of their life.

An astrologer prepares your 'kundali' or birth chart right after your birth, then your parents seek his guidance if you are not doing well in studies, you go to an astrologer if you are confused about which path to follow for your career, you want to seek advice before marriage or go for 'kundali' matching to your astrologer, if any complications arise, you again visit your astrologer. So, in an Indian household, an astrologer is as important as a doctor.

People in India regard astrology neither as a superstition nor as science. Astrology and science happily co-exist in this country. It is not just common people who blindly follow astrology. Popular actors, ministers, doctors also look up to astrology for success. For instance, you will find many actors who have changed their names or even spell them differently because an astrologer suggested them to do so. Before starting shooting for a film directors would consult their astrologers for an auspicious day to start shooting. Such is the belief of Indians in astrology.

You will find astrologers on every street corner in India. Almost everyone seems to know about astrology and will predict your future in exchange for a few rupees. But amidst these self-proclaimed 'Gurujis' there are some genuine astrologers who have in-depth knowledge of astrology. Astrology requires dedication and years of practice. You cannot just read a few books, do an online workshop, practice palm reading on your friends, and become an astrologer in a few months. It requires years of practice and dedication.

If you're looking to find the right answers but are too worried that you will be misled, you should contact Karyesh, the best astrological platform in India. Based in Kolkata, West Bengal, Karyesh was established by Mr. Kushal Agarwal with the singular aim to give people genuine solutions to their problems. With over 10 years of work, Mr. Kushal Agarwal is the best Indian astrologer. We have served more than 700 happy clients. We have been recognized for our extraordinary efforts and dedication by multiple national awards. At present we have 12 awards to our name.

Karyesh is a team of some of the best astrologers from different parts of India. Our team has years of experience as individuals and guidance under renowned gurus before joining Karyesh. Our teamwork steered our company towards success. We don't believe in working in a haste. We take our time and come up with accurate predictions. We understand that you are putting your faith in us and our predictions can alter your entire life. We don't promise unreasonable changes or make fake claims. We only tell you the truth. It's not in our hands to change what the future already holds for you. We explain to you about the possible threats and weaknesses in your life, and how to overcome them. We will help you make the most of the positive situations and steer clear from the negative ones.

Our clients keep visiting us over the years because they have found results in our work. Our effective and practical solutions have given them hope that although life cannot be a bed of roses all the time, we can only work to make it better each day. We take pride in our services because they have never failed to work.

How can our services help you?

Our services can help you make the best out of your life.


We are not saying we are doctors, or we are better than them. But astrology can help you predict a chronic illness that you are likely to suffer from or give you reasons for why an illness is not being cured even after effective treatment.


It is normal to feel confused and low when you see people around you succeeding and reaching great heights, but you're stuck in the same position for years. We can help you accelerate your career growth. 


You might be confused about your education. At the age of 18, you might want to study medicine, but after high school, you realize you want to study business. We can help you make the right education choice for you before it is too late to begin.

Wealth and Finances

It's easy to feel overwhelmed with the burden of expenses. You end up feeling you are not saving enough for your future or you are not earning enough. Karyesh can help you with your general wealth status, whether you will be wealthy in life, or which investments might be risky for you, and other financial status.

Marriage and Relationships

Being close to our relatives and family is something we all treasure. But often disputes arise leading to broken relations. Happy healthy relations often turn into damaged ones after marriage. We can predict your compatibility with your partner, or other family members, and what post-marriage life looks like for you.

Choose Karyesh not only because it is the best astrological platform in India, but also because of the services we offer. You won't find reliable services anywhere else. Our package price is designed to suit everyone's budget. We charge very little compared to the invaluable services we offer. Book an appointment with us today on +919666618974 or mail us your queries on info@karyesh.com and we will get right back to assist you.