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The subject of astrology or Jyotish Shastra has always been intriguing to us. The effect of planets upon our fortune, revolving thousands of kilometres away from us is interesting but thought-provoking too. Today, let us know about the origin of the art, the reasoning behind its name and beliefs. Let’s get some guide to Indian Astrology.

What is the significance of its name?

The name Indian Astrology does not seem to have a complicated significance except the fact that it has been originated from the Indian subcontinent. Indian Astrology is popularly referred to as Vedic Astrology as well. It is not named so because of its presence in the Vedas, it is one of the Vedangas. Vedangas is a branch of the Vedas and finds its presence in the Upanishads as well.

We will notice that most of the remedies that the astrologers recommend us to include some poojas and havan which are prescribed in our Vedas. Considering all the facts we get to know that these are the reasons why it is known as Vedic Astrology.

How did astrology originate?

There is no possible trace of the exact time for the origin of Indian astrology. Most of the famous historians face difficulty in fixing the appropriate Vedic period. Astrology is the search for meaning in the sky.

According to the ancient shreds of evidence, the records showcase the continuous attempts made by the humans to measure, record and predict seasonal changes. The markings on the cave walls portray striking evidence of the changes in the moon.

We get to see that people started noticing the influence of the moon on waves and tides of the ocean, farmers took the help of constellations to predict the agricultural needs. The constellations helped them differentiate seasons and onset of annual floods.

And eventually, calendar and astrological references were formulated and all the predictions were branched together under the broad heading of astrology. Astrology, as we know is partial science where some of the areas are not been proven scientifically.

The foundation of our Indian Astrology is based on the scriptures of Vedas. The journey of the formulation and basis of Indian Astrology has been compiled together in the book Horāshastra


Let us now discuss some of the superstitions and beliefs we believe in India. 

  • Eating sweet curd before an exam or an important day is believed to bring good luck.
  • If the horoscope or janm kundli of both girl and boy matches before the marriage, then it is believed that they will have a successful marriage.
  • Every dream is believed to withhold some meaning. Dreaming about elements of nature and any other activity, each has a good/bad meaning explained in Indian scriptures.
  • The body part on which the lizard falls on a human is also said to predict the future.
  • Whenever a cat crosses the road ahead of us, it is believed to be an indication of bad happenings. People generally stop and wait for 2 mins until someone else crosses the area where the cat crossed the road.
  • Seeing a black cat is considered to be a bad omen. Also, they look so dangerous.
  • Whenever there is a death or birth in a family, all the other related families are informed immediately because they are not supposed to enter the temple or worship for 13 – 15 days.
  • You are not supposed to call out the person leaving from home from the back. It is believed that they will be unsuccessful in their work.
  • Twitching of eyes brings in good luck. Though the left eye of the man and right eye of the woman does so.
  • When someone or the person itself sneezes when leaving for work is considered bad. The person is supposed to sit or wait for 2 minutes.
  • The slippers are put properly when they are seen to be upside down. It is because of the belief that leaving slipper upside down brings fight in the family.

These were some of the many superstitions we all follow in India. I am sure you could relate to at least one out of all the points. Well, there are so many more of them related to periods, shaving, cutting nails, washing hairs and what not.

There are different areas to look upon when talking about Indian Astrology. The Indian Astrology focuses on different areas to predict future like:

The Rashi

This area looks upon the zodiac/sunshine of the person to predict its future. There is the zodiac of people according to the Hindu calendar and first letter of their name.

The Nakshatra

Here, the predictions and remedies are made and suggested according to the moon and constellations.

The Dasas

Here, the planetary movements are studied and their effect on the birth chart and life of the people are predicted and remedies are suggested.

This was brief information on the guide to Indian Astrology. Astrology is an art which has helped the lives of many with the help of great astrologers like Karyesh. Visit us to know more and seek astrological help.