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Karyesh, an astrological platform with the best astrologers of India help you to know more. Our sole objective is to provide an improved quality of life to all our clients. We will help you know about your past, present and future. We prepare and analyze all types of charts like birth, career, education, marriage, etc. with utmost privacy.

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We all live in a pursuit to make our lives better. Who doesn’t want a happy, successful life without any obstacles blocking our way? We try to run away from our fears, sadness, and problems which gives us temporary happiness. Astrology is a scientific subject. It is a blessing for astrologers, allowing them to peep into other’s lives, know the problem and design a solution. It feels so good to bring a smile on other's face.

Karyesh is an astrological platform created and curated by Mr. Kushal Agarwal. It was due to his interests, dedication, and belief in the field that has made Karyesh, the best astrological platform not only in Kolkata but the whole of India. We have our foot on the ground but eyes peeping into the universe. 

We believe in the beliefs of our ancestors and practice Vedic Astrology. It fills us with pride to carry down the legacy of our ancestors. Passing them to new generations fills us with hope and believe that every cloud has a silver lining. 

Not only do we carry our legacy but also follow the Western Astrology. We diversify our services to cater to the requirement of each and every client we have from any part of the world. We provide life predictions by your date, time and place of birth. We are just a call away, providing astrological consultations over the phone in cases of inconvenience.

Astrology is an art and varies from person to person. It is unique and different for every client. We proudly claim ourselves to be genuine astrologers. We provide different services related to wealth and finance, education, career: job, business, profession, marriage, and relationships, children, yoga, and doshas and provide full birth chart analysis too.


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