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We, humans, are very curious. Questions are the basis of a meaningful life. We question about little things or happenings of life which allows us to know more. All of us are in a constant search of information. We wonder about the minute happenings that occur around us.

When we go to buy a particular product, say electronic product, then we ask so many questions to the shopkeeper while purchasing. We compare different models of the same product to get the best product. After listening to the answers from the shopkeeper, we try to select one of the models. We choose the model which caters to all our needs. Also, the delivery of questions plays a vital part in helping us select a product. These questions help us to get more information about the product. Through these answers, we determine the use we will put the product to, the life expectancy of it etc.

These questions prevail everywhere. It is not restricted to a purchase or sale of a product. Even when availing a service, buying property, during wedding meetings etc. involves a question-answer round based on which we make our decisions.

But what about our life? In a constantly changing environment, we cannot be sure of anything. Today, we may have bought groceries from a market but tomorrow we may find that the market has been closed down forever. Today, we may have very pleasant weather but we may face a storm tomorrow. So, nothing is stagnant and predictable. Accidents, good or bad happen in the blink of an eye.

But there is always a way! Prashna Jyotish, a branch of astrology is a platform where we can find answers to all our questions. The answers are given out according to the time the question is asked. The positioning and alignment of the planets at that time when the question is asked affects the answer. Two types of questions can be asked: generalized and personalized.

Generalized questions can be basic everyday questions like:

  • What will be the status of the gold market in the coming week?
  • Can a marriage ceremony take place in October?

Here, we do not want any kind of personal details of the client. We answer personalized questions also, like:

  • What is my lucky number?
  • Should I invest in shares?

Here, we require personal details like date of birth, place of birth, time of birth etc.


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