Marriage and Relationships


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Love is a very important ideal in our lives. Finding a partner, who understands us, stays by our side and bear with us is a difficult combination to find. In the process of growing up, we all get attracted to someone from the opposite or the same gender.

These short or long term relationships play a vital role in what kind of a person we become after coming out of the relationship or during it. The moment we tend to accept the permanency of a relationship, generally, things start to fall apart. Most of us are afraid of commitments, and now and then we hear about breakups and patch-ups because of not being able to find the ideal one. A relationship has somewhat lost its meaning in today’s generation but it cannot lose its importance in one’s life.

Some of us are practical and some of us are very emotional. We meet people, become friends, get attracted to each other and it all starts. Relationships are highly overrated and we all want it to happen in a blink of an eye. But patience is the keyword, my friends! Most of the relationships, nowadays exist due to the sole reason for having it for the sake of it. It has fallen into the category of the status symbol without which a person is judged to be the saddest person on earth. Evolution has made us more calculated and practical. Emotions, nowadays, hold the position of being ‘old-school’.

Marriage, on the other hand, is a lifetime commitment to stay together. It is considered to be an auspicious ceremony in all different religions and has been given high importance. Marriage is a very important part of one’s life. It is a new beginning and all our elders wish for us to get the best.

Both relationships and marriage are an integral part of lives. We take every step very cautiously for such matters arising in our lives. Marriages are often fixed by the pandits, after a thorough analysis of birth charts of both bride and groom. Astrologers can help in predicting marriage by date of birth. They also help in letting us know about our lives after a particular relationship or marriage.


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