Yoga and Doshas


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Astrology, as we all know, is an art and science and social science linking its influence with the cosmic bodies. The 12 houses present in our birth charts constitute and records the alignment and movements of sun, moon and other planets.

We see various changes occurring in our lives due to the change in planets. But all the changes do not have bad effects. There are certain planetary positions due to which we get prosperous results in our life.

The favourable alignment and positions of the planets and moon are known as ‘Yogas’. Yogas represent the special positioning of planets and yield positive or negative results for the native depending on its life cycle. There are different types of yogas present which differ according to the combination of planets. A single planet cannot lead to the occurrence of the yogas. Combination of two planets is important for yogas to generate positive results to the native.

Yogas indicate important aspects of our life. Raja yogas are auspicious whereas daridra yogas indicate poverty. We humans are very curious to know about our future life. And it is possible due to the presence of Vedic Astrology.

Another aspect of Vedic Astrology is the existence of doshas. The occurrence of doshas is generally due to the positioning and movements of Rahu and Ketu. There are many problems which take place in the life of the native is not positioned favourably. The Doshas causes a lot of struggle and problem in the life of the native including all aspects like marriage, health, children, career etc.

People take help of astrology to get rid of the doshas in their life. Astrology is esteemed to be of supreme importance in the lives of people struggling with the doshas in their kundali.


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